My Plan to start the 12 week reboot from this Monday 1st August after a major 3 month lapse! Eeeeeek!

My Plan to start the 12 week reboot from this Monday 1st August after a major 3 month lapse! Eeeeeek!

Hi all, I haven't logged in since the beginning of May. Those of you who may remember me, this was my loss from the 28th March 2016 until May.

Week 0: 12 stone

Week 1: 11st 10lbs (4lb loss)

Week 2: 11st 8lbs (2lb loss)

Week 3: 11st 6lbs (2lb loss)

Week 4: 11st 4lbs (2lbs loss)

Week 5: 11st 3lbs (1lb loss)

Week 6: 11 stone (3lbs loss)

I was delighted to lose a stone in six weeks and was going strong. I decided to celebrate by taking a week off to eat whatever I wanted (stupid I know, food doesn't even taste that great when you're not restricting yourself), I noticed that I didn't gain anything that week and so I continued with my bad habits when I went away on holiday, I only gained a couple of pounds at first and thought it would be easy to get back on track, unfortunately I also stopped exercising, took it for granted and week in week out I am ashamed to say that I slowly slipped back into my old ways. I would force myself to eat bigger portions even though I could feel that I was full but I was used to bigger food portions from before. Anyways to cut a long story short, from the beginning of May until the end of July (3 months) of overindulging I have gained 10lbs making me 11st 10lbs :-( I couldn't even bring myself to come back onto this forum as I have been so disappointed in myself, low self esteem and absolutely hate the way I look. 3 months ago I was confident, looking better, feeling better, had a positive outlook...what happened??? I have no idea, I threw it all away. I plan to reboot the 12 week plan starting this Monday... if anyone has any kind words of encouragement, advice or even an explanation as to why I did what I did, or share any of your own experiences, it would be much appreciated. I hope I can stick it out this time as I really am fed up about the way I feel.

Good luck to the rest of you on your weight loss journey,



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  • HI Sugar-Plum,

    I am so happy you're back in the forum - Welcome back, and I'd like to wish you all the best for re-starting the NHS 12 week plan from Monday.

    Good to have you back on board with us! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hello

    I don't know why we all indulge in this self sabotage but you're but alone πŸ˜• I think it's something to do with hormones trying to maintain your body weight as it is, and return to it after a loss πŸ˜• Good news is the longer you stick to plan and a lower weight the better 😊

    I can recommend the re boot challenge, I'm on week 7 after a challenging couple of weeks health wise 😊

    Best wishes, you can do this!

  • Thanks Anna for your kind words of encouragement, it's great that you are already on week 7, gives me some hop, all the best! X

  • I did something similar when I took a 'week off' after doing the 12 week plan.

    Luckily I realised how easy and quick it was to revert to old habits. I was also horrified at how easy it was to put the weight back on after working so hard to lose it!

    It made me realise that the 12 week plan eating habits have to be a way of life (for me anyway) and it really is not an option to go back to old ways if I want to stay healthy.

    Anyway, you did it once and you can most definitely do it again.... don't look back - just visualise the healthy person you want to be and treat the experience as a massive lesson that you have successfully learned! Good luck!!!!!

  • Thanks so much for you kind words of encouragement, it seems you are stronger than me, and yes you are right, I've done it once so there is nothing to stop me doing it again πŸ˜‰ all the best to you!

  • Hi Sugar Plum

    It's so easy to lose focus isn't it? I started a re-boot after Christmas, lost five pounds, and here I am 6 months later still only 5 pounds down from my Christmas weight! I don't have difficulty sticking to healthy foods and maintaining weight but I'm maintaining at 2 stone too much! but I have to count calories to actually lose and that's where I get fed up . I think sometimes we subconsciously rebel about having restrictions placed on us even if we've chosen to place those restrictions on our selves for a good reason! Which may be why you've sabotaged your own good work. I'd be happy to join you for a re- boot starting Monday?

  • Thanks so much, I think you are right, I do self sabotage 😣 that would be really great if you could join me on the 12 week reboot, let's keep each other going! X

  • Excellent, I usually weigh on a Saturday so will save the starting weight to post on Monday. Are you planning on putting up a re- boot post? My iPad and patchy internet doesn't cope very well with the big Monday weigh in thread!

  • Hi Sugar Plum

    I am in the same position, I lost almost a stone and rested on my laurels, over indulged and hey presto back to square one. I look after my grandchildren during the holidays so it's difficult for me to exercise, not really an excuse I know. We' re going to Portugal on Saturday but I am determined not to overdo it! I've done it before and I'll do it again and so can you! Good luck xx

  • Thanks, Good luck to you too xx

  • Hi Sugar-Plum. I remember your stats going up neatly every week and watching your amazing results. The main thing is that you have put the brakes on and are ready to turn things back around and you know it works if you stick to the plan.

    I lost over 1 stone in the 12 weeks and after 3 weeks holiday put on 3lbs. Not too bad but the kids are on school hols and my normal routine is still is still up in the air. I'm using this week to get back in to logging all my food on mfp but from Monday onwards I intend to really knuckle down and have things planned out so that I reach my goal of a losing another stone.

    Good luck, you did it before and you can do it again. Concentrate on how good you felt losing weight. We can do this! 🌸

  • Thanks nomoreexcuses, i have an almost 3 year old and end up finishing his left overs as well as grazing throughout the day, have to change my ways permanently, easy to slip back into old habits, so let's work together from Monday and reboot. Anyone is welcome to join us, there are 3 of us so far, already feeling more positive 😊

  • Great. Love the encouragement on this site. Have a great weekend ☺

  • Give the left overs to the birds, I inherited a bird table and love watching the birds come down for anything I feel I shouldn't eat. Just remember its not cost effective for you to gain weight eating kids leftovers if you then become unhealthy as a result. Its hard as I was always told not to waste food as my Mum went through rationing in the war.

  • Four years ago I did the same as you. I took my eye off the ball. I shed five stone and then did exactly what you did. I put all my weight back on but didn't really realise. I just bought bigger clothes. You have been brutally honest with yourself and I wish you all the luck in the world to succeed this time. I am half way through week 7 and have lost 16 pounds. This time its staying off. Don't beat yourself up because we get it. Xx. Nobody judges here. Xx

  • Thanks so much slimpickings, wow 5 stones and now 16lbs, good for you! that's great! You're right about the clothes, I look like I'm wearing a tent half the time, only when I see pics if myself I realise how big I am πŸ€” thank you for you wishes, it means a lot, I wish you all the success in your weight loss journey πŸ˜„ xxx

  • Thank you. Your post made me think long and hard about myself too. We are playing the long game but this time together. Xx

  • What a shame, although you sound positive about the reboot your post made me sad. Here are my thoughts - you lost the weight really quickly the first time, 14lbs in 6 weeks, and they say it takes us at least 12 weeks to get used to something new. Although the NHS plan is for 12 weeks to get us used to a new way of eating, it literally has to carry on for life. Once we reach our target weight the idea is to recheck BMI and see how many calories we can eat to maintain, it's usually quite a lot compared to the quantity for losing weight, so should be easy enough to stick to, especially if we carry on eating healthy food and using all the tips and tricks we've learnt along the way, The problem, in my opinion, is mindset, it's easier to go back to old ways that we have spent many years developing, and not carry on with the new regime. I actually keep a diary and photographic record of my weight loss journey, and I am hoping that if I ever slip back into old ways looking at that will give me the boost I need. My weight gain was part of a medical condition, I was told I wouldn't be able to lose weight until after surgery (which I've had now) but if I'm entirely honest that just gave me licence to eat as many pizzas and cornettos as I wanted! - mindset - can't lose weight so may as well put more on! Sorry for the long winded reply, good luck!

  • I am with you Sugar-Plum! I worked it good for about 5 weeks then fell off and quit writing what I was eating and I thought I was the only one that would force herself to eat too much as that is what I used to do! I would make my plate like I used to and then clean it off. I am doing better now, using smaller plates and not cleaning them off. I guess I have a guilt complex if I don't eat everything but by using a smaller plate, I can eat all of it and still not eat as much as I was before. it is easy to slip back into the old habits, unfortuneately I found that it is too easy. I want to eat like I did and feel like I do now and that will not happen. I feel good now, lost a little weight it is a start for me. my confidence has soared and I will be able to lose more if I keep my mind and body to it, and so can you! chin up darlin, it will work for us!

  • Good luck Sugar-Plum πŸ˜€

    well done for taking charge of your weight loss journey !! You did so well loosing a stone in six weeks so you can do it again πŸ‘

    Look back on your previous weekly sheets to see how and why it worked for you πŸ˜†

    Keep us posted on your reboot journey. I look forward to seeing your progress πŸ˜€

    Claire x

  • Thanks Claire, wish you all the best too x

  • Good luck. You know you can do this. The problem will be keeping it moving in the right direction when you're faced with a disruption.

    I think we all need to be really careful not to get complacent. When it's going well, you feel confident in your lifestyle change. You know what you're doing so you trust in that. We're very optimistic in that way. But it's very easy to be out by a few calories and it adds up if you're not counting the numbers, so it's better to keep measuring food or watching portion sizes. If you don't do anything else, keep weighing in regularly and have an upper weight limit where you start counting calories, or whatever, until you're back where you were.

    Good luck Sugar-Plum!

  • Thanks so much for your advice radioactiveblue, totally agree! x

  • Hi Sugar-Plum hope your week is off to a good start. I lost 1lb this week but am still 3lbs over the weight I was pre holiday so going to count every cal this week. Good luckπŸ€

  • Congratulations Nomoreexcuses that's great to hear, you can do it!! My week starts today, so technically i'm at week 0, this forum has definitely boosted my spirits and have had a good day after a long time... already looking forward to my week 1 weigh in :-)

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