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Just found out that tomorrow we're going out for an Indian meal with our daughter and son-in-law.....which is lovely, except I am really worried about what I could choose that wouldn't be too many hundreds of calories? I'm not very up on Indian food - I know that I don't like anything too hot though. Any ideas on what I could choose that won't be too bad? Would be grateful for any (serious!) ideas from you lovely people. Many thanks, Jeanie πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘€


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  • I'd choose something without sauce, tandoori chicken maybe. Avoid naughty starters like onion bhajis, they're really bad! Above all, enjoy! X

  • Thank you. I'll take your advice 😊

  • Tandoori chicken doesn't look too bad according to this chart?

    Steer clear of kormas - delicious but laden with calories. Also opt for plain rice as a side and steer clear of any fried starters!

  • I d have a popadom rather than naan bread and try to have something tomatoey rather than cream based. Perhaps a side as a main like a lentil dish which I think is called a dahl? Not great on the names sorry. Slim line tonic and a gin for a drink with plenty of ice. Also offset any extra calories by reining it back at breakfast/lunch tomorrow. You will have more calories left for your lovely dinner.xx

  • We are going for an Indian meal again on Friday. Two of us share a main meal, we have chicken sashliq which comes without a sauce and then have a seperate tikka masala sauce and I just have a bit and then a chappati instead of naan, the calories don't work out too bad and it works out less expensive too because of sharing! win win! Enjoy your meal 😊

  • Sounds good Caz - thank you 😊

  • Yep - like the others said - chapati (called roti in some places), a tomato based chicken curry (to share), dal tadka (lentils) and plain rice with poppadom! Yum

  • Thank you - yes, that sounds lovely 😊

  • Tandoori does seem to be the way to go. These dishes tend not to be in those fattening sauces and have been baked rather than fried.

    As a starter I would opt for something like Tandoori prawns which usually come on a skewer and are pretty low on the Indian calorie scale

    One main course option I sometimes go for is a Tandoori half a roast chicken or fish (often salmon is available or some sort of white fish) or a mixed grill (which usually has three different types of meat, eg, a lamb kofta, a piece of chicken and a small lamb chop or something like that), and they usually comes with a salad and a rice. You could eat the salad and pass the rice to someone who was going to order rice anyway, and eat as much of the meat as you feel comfortable with, passing the rest on to other gannets at the table (- my husband is always VERY helpful in this regard).

    One of the things we British are terribly bad at is talking to the waiters about the food, but if you can manage it, you could probably get them to provide what you want, eg, this food but with half the sauce, no breads or rice, but lots of salad instead. I have always found Indian restaurants very accommodating - they want you to enjoy your meal, and will happily provide what you want (within reason) if you make it clear to them.

    Worst comes to the worst - just choose something interesting and enjoy it and get back on the diet tomorrow. Hope you have a great meal.

  • Thanks very much.....I think I will go for the tandoori. It sounds good! 😊

  • Well I know it's after the horse has bolted But,,, Every one thinks oh no I had a Mars bar or whole bar of chocolate my diets trashed NO it not every now and again you can have a night off but I do stress now and then if you have been lowering your intake for a while you will get full fairly quickly if you suddenly change to a big meal If you do it three or four times a week then that's Obviously bad ,once in a while will not hurt I have done it and lost weight ! 1\2 hour cycling a day every day that you can and a Moderate diet 18 stone to 13 over 4 months with the occasional night off eating exactly what I like ,, the first stone was with the aid of a diet pill Alli I admit but the rest was on my own ..

  • Wow! You've done SO well!! Thanks for the reply - I had a lovely meal. 😊

  • Thanks for that πŸ˜€ I can relate to some of the Dilemmas I read on this forum an Letting your diet rule your life is a very dull 20 or 30 years And if we let all the requirements of The nhs and other health organisations you may live to 110 but no fat no fags no sugar no chips cooked like your mum did with lard ( god forbid!!!) No alcohol no saccharin no using your tab or TV an hour before bed ,Sit properly in the chair no climbing without a rail if it's over 2 foot use bicycle helmets,,,, no,,,,,, well if you haven't given up reading,,,, = NO Fun ! Let life rule your diet not your Diet rule you And I am by no means slim if I tried harder with the diet and exercise i could probably get to 9 or 10 stone But that word clinically obese is besides a horrible word is only a word from the chart on the wall produced by scientists based on an opinion and statistics and our vanity x Now go and enjoy the rest of the day you have earned it especially if you read all of this πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

  • I did read it all - and I quite agree! Life's too short not to enjoy it. 😊😊

  • Can you check the nutritional menu ahead of time?

  • Like most I go for the dry curries also some of those come with salad. I usually share rice, bread etc. with everyone else. At first it was just two of us who shared not it's spread, it cuts cost and waste and you get to have different types of rice too.

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