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lower weight and I feel it :)

A couple of weeks ago I realized I was losing control of my weight. I started looking around and found this great community! I have started my test week in the nhs program and I am now on my first week. With a successful first week and 3 kilos drop I can say I feel it! My morning run are getting easier (I know it could be psychological but I'll take what I get). I am on a long journey to drop another 12 kilos and I know that from now it will be harder to drop pounds, but this energy and re-found ease in the running will definitely help. I do feel as this community is helping as well and it is not only the writing. it is thinking about it when in temptation ;)

thanks to all

have a nice day


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Glad to hear it Marco 😊 Happy running


Well done Marco for losing 3 kilos, amazing!! You can lose the remaining 12 kilos, keep at it!!


Great to hear you sounding so positive, and well done on the weight loss! You are feeling better already, so in times of temptation just imagine how you will feel in a few weeks time when you have lost even more!

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I didn't expect to feel it and as I said possibly it is mental, but it could be (3 Kg. can get very heavy over miles of run ;) )

good suggestion thanks :)


Well done and keep at it. I lost 1.5 lbs today so that is 15 lbs altogether now. If I lose another two stone I will be happy. I would love to do a 5 km run at least. My son daughter and hubby have all started running. We will see,one can only dream. Being honest I am thankful that I can walk 5 km. Some people I know can not walk half of that.


Go Marco!!!! So glad to hear that things are changing for you. I think this forum is great too and has helped me get to my goal weight. Keep going - you will get there :)


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