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Hi I have been reading many post and a couple of things made me think

How you ever thought that is not about food? I mean that the struggle we have with our weight is just a reflection on our relationship with food? I have been struggling for years with my weight but now I feel that even though is really important to exercise and eat healthily it is also important to look at what makes me engage in a "not so healthy" way of eating (a binge in my case).

One day I realised that it my struggle had nothing to do with food, food was only what I was using to cope with difficulties arising in my life. The same way an addict uses drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Maybe we need to find another way to cope

I promise this is my last post for today


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5 Replies

  • I agree with you. I mean sometimes it is about food, when I am out and wining and dining. But so often with me it is because I am stressed or down and then I simply eat mindlessly. If I am truthful, I am not even hungry half the time. My tooth is sweet sweet sweet, so it's not as if it is useful calories when I munch between meals. No cashews or rice cakes for me at those times. Just rubbish biscuits and crisps. My husband swears I should be plumper than I am with all I pack away 😳.

  • Totally agree. If you take away the food and say you are a comfort eater then you need to find something else to comfort you otherwise it's not going to work. Interesting thoughts Maria :)

  • Hi Maria.

    Post as many times as you like or need to. No restrictions on here

  • Hi, that is so true for many. A friend offloading her woes on the phone last night, had me searching the cupboards for"something nice" while I was just listening!

    Food addiction is the most difficult of all. We can survive without alcohol, drugs and the like, but not food. Needs must though, so we'll do it!!!

  • Interesting thread, and yes, I agree, food is a tricky subject 😕 Unlike booze or drugs you cannot simply quit. But you are absolutely right MariaWeightlossNHS Getting your head in the right place is crucial, also discovering shy we eat the way we do. After research I found I was a "feaster" (once you start you can't stop) and a "mindless" eater, eating out of habit/boredom or 'because it was there' . Knowing this helped and I have learnt strategies to deal with things, not 100% but it works most of the time. So do some reading, find a strategy that works, tackle the issues causing the eating 😊

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