3kg and 4 cm for 1 hour run!!! is this normal???


I have never monitored my weight before and after runs. I do know that you lose liquids and all the rest, but this morning before going out for my daily run I looked at the scale and measures and I was 91 kg. 103 cm waist. I went out for 8 miles run which is about 1 hour for me and once back (after shower and a few glasses of water - at least 4) I looked at the scale again and surprise.. 88 Kg. ??? So I took the measuring tape and looked at it with even more surprise... 99 cm ??? I know for a fact that everything will be back to normal tonight (I won't keep this drop).

I need about 1100/1200 calories for the run, so I cannot lose more than 2-4 hg. of fat. I know liquid is important but is it possible that I have lost all these liquids? could it be (combined with my history of running and not losing weight) a sign of high liquid retention or food intolerance? Does anything else come up to your mind???

Anyway, it could be that this change in eating habit could help me get rid of this :)

so let's see what happens in a few weeks/months

have a great day



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6 Replies

  • I have the opposite affect. I always put on weight after a run!! its odd. It seems to balance its self out over the week though!

  • it definitely does balance over the week, but I am not sure if all this variation is because of the run only or is because I have too much liquids on me... bha...the body is an incredible mystery to me ;)

  • Weighing yourself before and after a run is a good idea as you will then know how much fluid you have to replace into your body. It isn't just water but nutrients too so make sure you take in a drink, such as 'zero' which normally is flavoured and contains the minerals and nutrients you need back into the body. You can lose just as much by sitting in a sauna for an hour but it isn't recommended.

    8mph? That's impressive and puts you on a 3.5hr marathon......

  • yeah, I wish about e marathon... I am on a 4:20 but I will get there (yesterday I was in the mood for experiments so I put 15 liters of water (this is how far i am from being just below the threshold between normal weight and obese) in a bucket and walked up the stairs...Let's only say it was heavy and I guess I could do much more without it ;)

    thanks for your advice, you are right it is also nutrients and not only water. I'll check it again in the future :)


  • If you are doing a 4.20 marathon then you can't be doing 8 miles in an hour. That is so fast. Have you done any races? I only ask as I love running and am a 2hr half marathon runner and also a 4.20 marathoner but I only run at 6.5 or a bit more.......

    It's amazing how much fluid you lose but it will sort itself out. If there is a challenge you are wanting to try out, there is the PARA10 ran by the Parachute regiment where you run/walk 10 miles in boots, trousers and a back pack weighing 35lbs and you go as fast as you can. They are held in Catterick and Colchester every year and are great fun. One of the best things I have ever achieved. You can just run it in shorts and trainers and you get the same badge but you don't get the same feeling afterwards.....

  • This PARA10 sounds like fun :) it could go into my bucket list ;)

    There is a fundamental different between 8 miles and a marathon and that is.. 18 miles!!! I kind of struggle after 20 miles :)

    I used to be a pretty decent runner 25 kilos and about 15 years ago (800 meters in 2'06'', 1000 mt. in 2'50'' 1500 mt. in less than 3'50'') but I stopped and I started again 3 years ago with long runs (but also 25 kilos more). I did my first half marathon in 2013 in 1h 50. My best time was last year with 1:39:30 (my goal was less than 1:40 :) and my best half marathon was this year in Newtownards (NI) 1:42, but an increadible amount of hills (as a friend described it this race is a return ticket to hell done twice - there are a couple of big ascents and descents).

    Currently I am on a journey to lose weight (would love to go back to BMI normal weight) for my health. Also I aim to 70 miles per week (I have been doing 50 for the last couple of weeks with a streak of 17 days and 128 miles - almost 800 since January). I hope this will give me the 3.5 hours in the next marathon. I log my training here:


    It's a good tool, with maps and other stats :)

    by the way nice video on the calories and well done on the weight loss - impressive! :)

    have a great day


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