Bad back- need a hysterectomy? Eeeek!!

Just back from hospital appointment following visit to GP about my bad back, apparently I need a hysterectomy, who would have thought that ?? Thankfully tests have ruled out Ovarian Cancer 😊 Phew! Had quite an anxious couple of weeks.

So . . . I have heard lots of stories of weight gain afterwards? Is that true? Anybody else had this?

On the plus side, anaesthetists prefer your BMI to be below 30, thankfully mine is now! Also the slimmer and fitter I am the better for post op recovery. 😊

Any advice welcome 😊


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33 Replies

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  • I'm not sure I can offer any advice, but just wishing you all the best with this. sounds like you have been through a lot but that you have a great attitude. x

  • Hi, I've been thinking about you. Great news that ovarian cancer has been ruled out, so pleased! Two of my friends have had a hysterectomy, and they both recovered really well, I know you have to be careful about lifting for a few weeks afterwards but sure they will give you loads of information about recovery. Great that your BMI is right for the op, bet you are pleased about that! Neither of them complained about any weight gain because of the op, but they both said how much better they felt for having it done 😊

  • Thank you Caz28 that is encouraging 😊

  • Speak to your health care provider for up to date information as procedures change all the time. I know that it used to depend on your age and wether they remove your ovaries or not. There was short term weight gain due to inactivity during recovery, but longer term weight gain was related to the op triggering early menopause.

  • Thank you for replying MW50

    Well I'm post menopausal, and they'll take the ovaries too due to family history OC, πŸ˜• I'm hoping to continue to be careful food wise so fingers crossed the last years efforts won't have been in vain!! 😊

  • Hi good news bet you are so relieved . I had a partial hysterectomy ( ovaries left ) when I was 38, 18 years ago now, done the old way through surgery incision but my friend had a virginal hysterectomy, recovery was much quicker and less stay in hospital. I think although you feel well you have to remind yourself not to do too much I had a 3, 8 and 14 year old at the time so resting was not an option but you do tire easily for a good 6 weeks after. Let people spoil you and do the jobs if you have them around you if not it's common sense no lifting, plenty of rest, eating well. I am sure things are even better than 18 years ago but you will be fine just remember you may feel good but put the brakes on doing too much. Good luck, by the way I was 14 stone when I had mine and no I found I put my weight on by eating too much rubbish.

  • Thank you Itsbab

    It will be abdominal but things could be worse πŸ˜• I am hoping to keep my weight down and keep some fitness 😊 Walking helps the back pain so that is something at least 😊 Thank you for replying 😊

  • Well good luck I am sure you will be fine, just take it easy for a few good weeks, let people spoil you, leave the exercise only what the physio tells you to do and after a short while you will be able to start gentle walks building up as you go. I don't see why you should put weight on if you carry on your healthy eating plan in fact seeing as your pain will have gone you will probably feel more energetic. The only negative thing I found was the bordum of doing very little as I can't sit still got to be doing something or other.

  • Great news Anna, and just think once you've recovered from your op no pain and your overall health is good !!!

    Re: operation it depends how they do it ( I'll not go into details ) but one way is a bit easier than abdominal surgery.

    Best wishes either wayπŸ˜ƒ


  • Hi flossie358

    It will be abdominal unfortunately, but it could have been a much worse diagnosis πŸ˜• It will be a few months before I have surgery so I'm hoping to get my weight closer to goal and keep my fitness 😊 Thank you for replying 😊

  • Hi Anna,

    Take it slow and steady and by the time your op is due you will be as fit as a fiddleπŸ˜ƒ Start making nice plans for your recovery !


  • Thank you 😊 It is our silver wedding next February and this has always been about getting back into my wedding dress by then, ❀️ That plan is still on target and may even have to jet off somewhere hot and buy a new (smaller) swimsuit 😊😊😊

  • I don't have any advice, Anna, but I am quite sure you will feel a lot better once it is over with as it will be a relief not to be held back due to your back problems.

    Being as healthy as possible in time for your surgery is a great idea and I am pleased you are well on your way for that.

    Any idea when you will get the op?

  • A few months I think, but like I say, it's very good to know it's nothing sinister πŸ˜•

    I am hoping to carry on walking and maybe lose a few more pounds, but good health is my primary objective 😊 Thank you for your reply 😊

  • Hope it all goes ok for you. It's good to know what you are facing and hopefully you will feel good when you have it all behind you! Big hug xx

  • Thank you 😊 Yes, it's good to have some answers

  • Hi Anna, I had a hysterectomy ten years ago, was off work for twelve weeks as it took me longer to recover because of bladder complications ( this was to do with my endometriosis so not something you would need to worry about) and I did put on a bit of weight but only because I was eating junk as I was so bored stuck in watching daytime tv while the boys were at school! As long as you stick to healthy eating you should be fine weight wise, but expect your tummy to be swollen for several weeks and stock up on some big stretchy knickers that won't rub your scar, good luck and once it's all over you will feel so much better!

  • Thank you Fran182716

    Luckily I have lots of baggy underwear and loose clothes!! It was just a bit of a surprising diagnosis! But could have been much worse πŸ˜•

  • From people I know, I think any potential weight gain is due to post op hormone changes, but I doubt that would apply to us "older ladies" ... .Hope the procedure goes well for you and a smooth recovery .

  • Yes, I had heard that, fingers crossed I'll keep up the good habits 😊 Thank you

  • I suffered for years with a bad back and it was caused by adenomyosis so I had a hysterectomy and apart from the sciatica I ended up with after the operation which left me immobile that caused a pulmonary embolism I have never looked back. Xx

  • Sorry you had complications, but glad things worked out in the end 😊

  • I am sure you will be just fine my BMI was around 32 when I had mine done. I researched loads and if I remember the name of the book I will pass it on to you it was invaluable in fact they had a forum too similar to this got menopause matters in my head so try Google search for that xx

  • My weight gain was nothing to do with optional and had it not been for embolism I would have been going back to work after 7 weeks

  • Bet you are weak with relief that you have ended up with the good news rather than the bad news. I would be. It is a big and serious op, probably not one they can manage via a keyhole. So be kind to yourself while you recover from the anaesthetic. There is nothing wrong with eating as if you were maintaining for full recovery before you go back to stressing your body with exercise and losing weight again. I think I would be allowing myself a gain without fretting. As we both know, nothing beats good health. Once you are fighting fit again, you can get back to the long term plan. Best wishes in preparing for the op. Keep us all in the loop so we can cheer you on when the big day comes.

  • Hi Anna, Glad your teats came back ok and it's not Ovarian cancer. sorry I can't give you any advice with regards to an Hysterectomy, but I do wish you well with the operation and your recovery.


  • Just a thought.... Won't you be lighter after the op if they are taking stuff out. πŸ˜€

    All the best for the op and I wish you a speedy recovery

  • Haha, yes, my niece had similar and lost half a stone as the fibroid weighed 3 1/2 kilo!! lol 😊

  • Hi, I wish you all the best for your upcoming treatment. My 80 year old aunt had to go through the procedure 2 years ago and bounced back with renewed vigour! She is now back dancing twice a week and hasn't looked back since.

    With your positive approach I'm sure you will have a speedy recovery. I remember my aunt was given lots of leaflets and advise from the hospital for before, during and after the procedure.

  • Thank you everyone 😊 My head is coming to terms a bit today 😊 It's hard to believe that fibroids can cause back ache, but then I carried my children 'in my back' when I was pregnant, and the pain is not dissimilar to early labour pain πŸ˜•

    Also amazing to think I have a 19cm fibroid in there!!?? It's been there a while according to gynaecologist πŸ˜• But there was quite a lot of me, (Still is πŸ˜•)

    One thing is for certain, had I still been my original weight I doubt I would have even gone to doctors. πŸ˜• I always felt everything was my 'fault' for being fat and that I didn't deserve good health. Why do we feel like this? It's wrong that society/health professionals etc make us feel like that πŸ˜• I know I'm not alone in this πŸ˜• Grrr 😑😑😑

    Sorry for rambling on . . . Thanks for listening 😊

  • I've only just seen this Anna. Really hope it all goes well on Thurs - a close friend is also having a hysterectomy on Thurs - she's a hairdresser and is planning on being back at work the following Thurs - bonkers!!

    I've been having back and front niggles and funny periods - your news has made me think I should get checked out.. Like you I tend to avoid going in case I'm made to feel its a "fat thing"

    Keep us posted, won't you.

    Kate x

  • Thank you Kate 😊 It's true we put off going to get things checked out, πŸ˜• Hope you do go and get some answers 😊

    I'll keep you posted! 😊

  • Just to update you all, I am two days post operative and feeling good 😊 Quite weak and tender but feeling positive and in the zone for recovery 😊

    I have to say the food is good and tasty, lots of salads, homemade soup, and fresh fruit if you order it 😊

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