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Week one - day one

Hi I am starting the 12 week plan today. I have weighed myself this morning and am currently 12st 9lb. I am only 5ft 2in so do not carry this well at all. I feel very ungainly and am not at all happy with the way my clothes fit (or don't fit!)

So 12st 9lb is my starting weight. My goal is initially to get to 12st. I want to do things a little at a time this time. I keep getting upset when I set myself huge challenges. Good luck to all starting, well done to those who have achieved and a big hug to those for whom it didn't happen for this week... Keep going ❤ :-) See you all next week.

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I'm starting today too..

I haven't weighed myself, maybe i will tonight. Last time i weighed myself I was 12.9lbs however i did slimming world and it went completely wrong. I put on 3lbs in 3 weeks.

So that's a no go.. :0)

Good Luck.. Do you know if the podcasts are lessons or advise? I haven't listened yet?


Hope day one went well.


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