Hi everybody

Just been looking at the BBC I wonder page. I think it makes interesting reading and I am anxious to find out what others think.

After putting in my statistics as requested it suggests I need 2870 calories to maintain my weight. We are all on a reducing diet I assume, and i am currently on 1500 calories per day nearly half.

It states which is comforting that if we eat 500 calories less per day then we will loose an inch per month from our waist ie a pound a week in weight.

It suggests that if weekly we exceed 500-600 calories which is easily done let's face it then we will continue to gain weight.

What do you think I am interested in your opinions do you feel or find this a true reflection. I am interested in what others think in regards to this Web page and its teach ins in general.

It does make interesting reading. I admit currently I haven't reviewed it all in depth however what areally your views?.



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  • I haven't seen it but will check it out. The plan I follow (run by local hospital ) suggests that small changes to reduce overall calorie consumption by as little as 200-300 per day together with 10-15 minute brisk walking can lead to 2lb a month. It made me realise that I could lose weight and get fitter without "dieting" ie being hungry and feeling deprived. After a lifetime of 1000 calorie 'diets' this was revolutionary!! So I suppose it's saying a similar thing, small, relatively painless changes can reap big rewards. 😊 Thank you for sharing, I will look it out

  • Hello again Trulyplumptious

    I have had a look, some interesting articles. I particularly liked the sentence "If we want to lose weight and keep it off, we must break our bad food relationships and create new healthy habits."

    With regards to your own BMR and calorie allowance, there seems to be a big difference? I would have thought you could lose weight eating more than 1500? I am only 5'1" and have lost weight on similar calories but taller people with more weight to lose eat substantially more, making the whole process easier and more enjoyable, which increases the chances of long term success 😊 I would perhaps do the calculations agsin but you could well lose weight eating 2370 calories a day. Maybe even go half way, say 1900 a day? As you lose fat your BMR goes down so it's important to have somewhere to go. 😊

    Good luck and very best wishes 😊

  • Hi Anna61

    Just thought it may be useful to others as well as me.

    I think it gives people clarification that they can pull calories back after a meal out a special party etc. Message is don't panic.

    Also reducing such a small amount of calories can still have an impact. I was suprised.

    Interestingly I probably go 2-300 calories below 1500 still having treats -not missing out.😀

  • You are doing really well 😊 I aim for about 1200, with extras at weekends/days out etc. After almost a year I'm pretty good at judging, I'm trying really hard to listen to my stomach, stop eating when I stop being hungry, rather than when I'm full if you follow me? I need to make this a permanent way of life, this forum has given me belief that it can be done 😊 Here's to us and life long health and fitness 😊

  • anna61, I remember the first time I actually felt hungry rather than wanting to eat to keep from feeling hungry. what a revolutionary idea! wow I was all shocked. lol. but I have lived a life of excess so I did not realize what it felt like to actually be hungry and for me it was a liberating experience. now I try to eat only when I am hungry and that seems to work well for me. I will have a treat now and then but not unless I am hungry and I sit at the dining room table for all meals, not in the car or on the go like I used to. this forum has given me belief that it can be done as well and it has saved my life I think.

  • Great to hear katy6860 😊 You are on the right path now! Onwards and downwards 😊

  • Hi Janewatson. I could not find the page you were looking at but I found one that was similar. I did my maintenance level which is at 2100 calories and minus 20% was 420 which equals about 1600-1700 to lose weight. that sounds about right for me unless I up my exercise level in which case I supposedly need more calories. I am not sure about all this, I am like you and want to do some more research. but on this forum, the 1600-1700 calories per day is about what is said I needed to lose weight so maybe they are correct. you must be more active than I as I sit in front of a computer way too much and get little exercise. mostly because I am lazy. anyway, I am trying to get up and get moving so I can lose the weight I want to lose. if you research this more, let me know what you find out please.

  • Hi Katy

    Sorry you couldn't find the page. I just put in BBC i Wonder and it came up.

    They are running a research trial which I have registered an interest in -I will keep you posted.

    I complete 5000 steps a day which I hoped to have increased last week to 6000 due to the heat I didn't. I may try this week. If I am struggling to get the steps in I have worked it that if watching TV at night when the ad breaks come on I can achieve very easily 250 steps and you will be suprised how quickly they add up. ☺

  • Hi Jane

    Please stop this 1500 calorie thing. If you need 2870 to stand still then reduce that amount by 500 calories at the most. You can increase the weight loss by doing a little exercise and, if you cannot hold a full conversation during exercise then you are going too fast... This adds up to 3500 + the exercise calories reduction and thats over 1lb a week weight loss. This is sustainable and can be life long. Once you have lost 5lbs, go back to the same website and input your new details and re-evaluate your goal.

    It took you your whole life to get to where you are today and you should expect the weight loss to go just as slowly.

    Good luck loser and keep up the good work....

  • Mmm never been called a looser before!

  • What a great set of comments: lots to mull over here. I will check out the page, but it sounds like one I saw recently. Age is affecting my memory, so not sure! I think activity levels are crucially significant here. I have gone from gym or swim and lots of walking every day down to 200 steps some days because of ill health. I was lucky that I realised that meant I had to cut the kcals back, so I managed to continue the momentum of losing. Diagnosis is in sight and treatment too, so I can hardly wait to up the activity and go a bit wilder at the table. So looking forward to some extra tsps of olive oil on those salads, the odd pkt of nuts, and an occasional patisserie visit where I actually get to eat my own cake rather than having a tiny bite of everyone else's. Perhaps those getting lower kcal levels are petite, limited mobility females near to their goals. Mr Flytrap gets twice the kcals I do. We are very close in height, he is only slightly more active than me, he is overweight. But the main factor seems to be his gender.

  • Hello Venus

    Good news you have lost especially when mobility isnt that good - well done. Hope you get your diagnosis soon it's hard to battle I'll health when you don't know what's the best action to take. I have been there so understand.

    Well done ☺

  • Same here πŸ˜• Had to cut back due to health problems πŸ˜• But weight coming down again now 😊 Phew!!

  • Rather than reduce my calorie intake drastically I calculated my intake for what should be my ideal weight and have got used to eating that amount. Therefore I already have a calorie deficit because I am not feeding the overweight bit. However, I have increased my activity levels significantly over time. I have successfully been losing weight for many months now. When I get to my desired weight then I can scale back my activity levels without affecting the varieties and amounts of foods I currently enjoy. For clarity my activity levels include, walking, leisure cycling, badminton (non competitive) and a visit to the gym once a week. The good news is that I am 3 pounds away from my desired goal.

  • That makes a lot of sense!

  • Hi Nortodd

    Thanks for the information looks as though you have worked out what works for you- well done! πŸ‘


  • Thanks Trulyplumptious and Anna61. Nice to know I am among empathetic friends. Though I suspected you were, given your track records.

    That's a great idea Nortodd. So rare to hear of an entirely new approach and it would work, I am sure. I am very glad it has worked so well for you. Not sure it would have worked for me, I was getting hungry even eating all my allowance and had to work hard to get max filling power for min kcals. I could not have eaten as an 11st woman when I was a 16st 6lbs one. I would have been chewing bits out of the table as an extra course in an attempt to feel satisfied. If I get too hungry, I fall prey to whatever temptation that comes within my reach.

  • Oh bless you Venus we all have days like that. You won't believe it my starting weight was exactly what yours was. Your right twins separated at birth.πŸ˜‚

    I have some way to go to reach where you are now you have come a long way.

    However today weighing in day - day 12 as i sarted mid week -I have lost 10lbs. πŸ˜„

  • Hehe 😊 Thank good ness the table is still intact!! Lol 😊

  • What an amazing start 10lbs in 12 days. You must be the slimming champion of the world. After all the time it has taken me my average is down to 0.3lbs per week. So that's like a third of one of your day's losses over 7 days for me. My excuse? When it comes to learning new behaviours I'm a bit remedial. I seem to have to fail a lot before I learn how to succeed. Ah well, we should go and get some sleep, unless you are on the night shift. Tomorrow is another exciting day!

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