Shocked I've lost any weight at all!

So, hubby suggested dinner out yesterday (daughter at work, son out Pokemon hunting). Decided to call into a local Weatherspoons. Amazed to find they calorie count the full menu for you - but absolutely shocked at the calorie amounts assigned to the foods! I got the tuna mayo baguette with side of chips - 979 calories! If i'd been to any other pub that didn't print calorie allowances, i would have probably worked it out as a lot lower, then wondered why my weight wasnt moving lol. On the plus side, we hit the clothes shops after & i got some lovely new clothes in the sales in my new size (10 bottom, 12 top). Normally my wardrobe is muted dark colours - yesterday bought pair of pillarbox red jeggings, bright lemon top, burgandy top and white lace top - talk about a break from the norm. Its amazing how your confidence grows as you feel better about yourself. Onwards and downwards folks x


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9 Replies

  • Gosh that's surprising 979 from an "innocent" tuna baguette .The jeggings and tops sound lovely . Sounds like you had a really fab day :-)

  • I was a bit disappointed in the size of the portion in relation to calories - obviously not as 'innocent' as I thought 😁

  • Knowledge is power and at least you can offset the calories with a light tea. Xx

  • I did - a portion of vegetable soup with 2 slices wholemeal bread. I also managed to complete week 5, run 1 on C25k late last night (go out about 9.15pm to avoid the heat) so that should also help as I don't "eat" calories from exercising.

  • Well done on your weight loss so far also on your confidence building up👍 Great to buy smaller sizes and all those colourful choices too. It would be brilliant if more restaraunts put the calories on their menus wouldn't it?

  • Thank you. I'm not sure about calories on menu - on one hand it was really helpful not having to work it out, on the other seeing meals i might normally pick showing as over 1000 calories, certainly takes some of the enjoyment of eating out away. It will certainly make me rethink my guesstimates in future.

  • I was in weatherspoons too recently, quite shocking his calorific their meals are!! 😊 Well done on the new size10/12 clothes ! Great stuff!! 😊

  • Thank you.

  • Love the sound of the new clothes, you must feel great @Polly2723, very well done. I went to Weatherspoons recently too and was shocked at the calories, but pleased that they were listed. Had a baked potato with chilli beans which was around 450, which was very nice, quite often have baked potatoes when eating out as usually a fairly safe choice as long as you choose a sensible filling and avoid the butter! Enjoy wearing the new clothes.

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