Morning morning everyone ❤️

Morning morning everyone ❤️

How is everyone ? How'd you sleep ?

I got a bit of breakfast , I'm excited as I will go to the gym later on and Monday morning I plan to weigh in and I will upload a picture of my progress .

In my cup I have homemade ice-coffee and on the little plate I have a bit of humous which I couldn't finish . At the same time , besides the gym sesh I plan to complet my 10.000 steps . It's gonna be a long long day 😱😋

I hope you all gonna have a beautiful , productive day and I am very grateful to all of those who sent me positive messages on my come back . ❤️❤️❤️


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15 Replies

  • Your healthy breakfast looks absolutely delicious. Enjoy your busy day exercising. I went for a swim first thing this morning and really enjoyed it too. Xx

  • Omg slimpickings I would love to swim ❤️ Sometimes , soon maybe 💗 I'm really glad that you had a good morning

  • Thanks RoxiGoesSkinny I look forward to hearing how your weight loss goes tomorrow. Xx

  • Breakfast looks lovely, enjoy your day!

  • Thank you Caz28 🎀 How was your day ?

  • Good thanks, managed to do my steps today and stick to my calories so hoping the scales will be kind tomorrow 😊

  • Oh that looks lovely! Glad you are feeling so positive now, good luck for weigh in tomorrow. 😊

  • Uuuuuu thank you so much Itsbab 💗💕💞 This week I've managed to get to the gym often so I'm positive ❤️

  • Fabulous healthy breakfast Roxy. You are definitely back! Sounds like you are having a busy day. Glad you going to weigh in tomorrow. Feeling jealous today as I am helping my daughter pack for a trip to France with her friends :)

  • Uhu France .... La vie en rose , Paris . Wished I could take on that kind of trip but I am dying to see Venice so I might do that next month x

    I really had a busy day ❤️ How was yours ?

    I hope your daughter will enjoy her trip

  • Thanks Roxi I am sure she will, her packing is all done and she is ready to go. It's going to be quiet in the house for a few days. Have been to Venice just for the day and thought it was lovely - hope you can plan a trip to go soon :)

  • Breakfast looks really healthy. How did you make your iced coffee?

    Great to see you back on the forum!

    :D :)

  • Thank youuuuuu 😘😘😘😘

    For the ice-coffee I've used

    200ml soya milk

    200ml skimmed milk

    2 tea spoons of coffee

    And you can have a bit of ice-cream in it , sugar or chocolate for a better taste . I like mine without any extras . And ice , of course 💞

  • Yummy! And great to see that you are back to you usual self

  • Thank you very much PippiRuns ❤️❤️ It's great to be back

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