Long time , not posting

Long time , not posting

Hey everyone ,

How are you ?

I had 15 days not posting , got some notifications of some of you , the very active ones . I was very dissapointed with myself on the second week and I refused to weigh in so I just wanted to forget about it . 3rd week -- I ve lost like 2 pounds and the entire weight lost till now is 5 pounds . I ve joined the gym , trying to get there on my working days at least 1 h , I m always doing my 10,000 steps and have water but sometimes I have chocolate which I shouldn't but I do have it . I've cut it down a lot but still I feel like my progress is not good . I m waiting for Monday to weigh in and see what I've done , I don't know what I want and what my problems is . I think that I want all at once and that's not possible .

You know guys I've been at the gym and it took me 80 min to burn lunch down (400cals) , it took me 12 min to have lunch and nothing hurt while having it but burning down calories made my legs feel like they were burning . So I said to myself , in one day you can gain 2 pounds , losing 2 pounds takes up to 7 days of diet . I'm still wondering why I gave myself permision to get here , thing is that I have an answer ... I didn't care . Now I do and I'm still dreaming of wearing a dress , I have never wore a skirt , nor shorts , nor bathing suit , I have never been to a pool in my entire life , I've never been in a picture in the front , I've always been in the batck where you could only see my eyes or my hair , not smiling , nothing . I only wear black , I now wear black for like 1,5 years , even inside the house it's just black or my pijamas ... are black as well . I have days when I wear colors cause I feel like wearing it and then before I leave the house I change my outfit into a black one or I pop into a shop and buy something black.

And it's my fault , I know , I'm aware but I cannot recognize myself anymore but maybe it will go away or maybe it will be here forever .

At work sometimes I get to make little miracles for my costumers , I have a good laugh with my co-workers , I went out this week , it's been a good , hard week .

i very much hope that you're all well and your journey goes well ! I will leave here some food ideas .

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  • Hi Roxi the lunch boxes pictured look very healthy and scrumptious and you are working really hard with the exercise etc, maybe you could allow yourself just a little chocolate as a late night treat included in your allowance.

    If that is your photo you are a stunning girl

    I know the no shorts, dress, swimsuit thing but that has been something I haven't done for the past 15 years.

    I wonder, my friend always wears black because she says she feels like no one notices her in black, she feels inconspicuous. Truth is when it's lovely out wearing only black makes you stand out, it also holds in heat.

    You have such a beautiful picture you need colour, why not try it for 1 day maybe black trousers and a bright top, just invite a friend round and see their reaction I am sure it would be positive.

    I hope you are well and have a lovely weekend. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Thank you very much Itsbab ❀️

  • This is not the Roxi we've come to know, this is just a blip. As others have posted lift a 5lb weight and see how much you have lost. 5lb is a lot don't dismiss it. It's taken me 4 months to lose 16lb, I'm pleased I'm not carrying that around and it seems to be staying off, even though it goes up and down a bit. Come on Roxi, where's the little fighter that we've got to know, you can do this. Give yourself 2lb to lose over say another 2 weeks, more if you feel inclined, you'll be surprised how 'half a stone' loss makes you feel proud.

    Give yourself a break. Love and hugs x

  • You are A M A Z I N G Cockneyblue β€οΈπŸ˜‚

    Thank you very very much

  • I've missed you, keep posting , you are so much fun πŸ˜€

  • Nothing elsebmade me smile today like your messages ❀️ You're brilliant !

    Thank you for your kind words 😘

  • Hi I've had some time away as well trying to start my own person training company" good to be back helping people day to day πŸ˜€

  • Good morning Roxi

    Sorry you have feel you have been struggling, I think actually you have been 'learning' 😊 It takes time to learn all the tips and tools to successfully lose weight, that's why it's a 12 week plan!! Don't be so hard on yourself, please, πŸ˜• you are doing very well, you have all these delicious planned meals, you are going to the gym and you have made new friends on this forum 😊 With regards to weight loss, you didn't gain it all at once so you can't expect to lose it all at once I'm afraid πŸ˜• Lots of research shows losing 1-2 lbs a week is the healthiest and most sustainable 😊

    So chin up lovely lady, you will soon be feeling more confident about your eating and lifestyle choices, and wearing colourful clothes 😊😊😊

    Have a good weekend 😊

  • I will do my best Anna61 ❀️❀️❀️

    Thank you very much for your beautiful words ! πŸ’—πŸ’—

  • That more like it 😊❀️😊

  • honey, I have seen your pic on here and you are beautiful! you have a beautiful soul and wonderful spirit and I for one have missed you! I wish you would wear just a little color to start with, maybe a pretty scarf with your all black? something you could take off later after you leave the house with it on. colors will make you feel better, they are bright and sunny like your disposition. I would never have thought you were the all black type beings as how you are so cute! anyway, I wear colors all the time and I am considered obese. I do not care if people do not like it, at least I am covered up! (my swim suit is black tho). I work in a grocery store where fat people wear all the wrong things, but color is not one of them. if you gain a pound, do not beat yourself up. it will go away again like it came on you. be careful not to work out so hard that you hurt yourself though, that is much worse as then you will not be able to work out at all. I have really bad feet so I use that as an excuse not to work out but I have a stationary bike I can ride if I will get my lazy butt up and do it! you have the motivation, just be careful and don't be so hard on yourself. you know we all love you just the way you are! best of luck, katy

  • 😒 thank you very much katy6860 , your words are beautiful , I can feel that you're a strong woman and that's very good ❀️❀️❀️

  • Inside you there is a beautiful colourful butterfly just waiting to emerge... maybe start with a shirt or blouse in a lovely colour with your black trousers, then gradually you will gain confidence and as your body changes shape, you can add to your wardrobe. Just tell yourself (like on the TV ad) - "I am worth it"!

  • DartmoorDumpling thank you very much 😒 I will try it . ❀️❀️😘

  • Glad to see you back Roxi πŸ˜€ you can do it slowly but surely you will succeed. Baby steps !! Onwards and downwards to the next few pounds xx

  • Thank you so much Claire2stone ❀️

    I will do my best , I have days and days .... succes does not come without hard work .

  • My thoughts are you've taken possibly years putting on the weight and sometimes it takes time and a little hard work to take it off. I visualise a lb of butter every time I lose 'only a lb' it's a massive amount !!! Good luck xxxxx

  • Thank you for your positive words ❀️ I will do my very best 😘

    Hope you're well x

  • It's my pleasure 😊 I'm really well just got myself a jawbone up fitness and sleep tracker and it's really motivated me this wk. I just hope it shows on the scales on Monday x

  • I can't wait for Monday ❀️

    Let me know how you did x

  • Good luck to you too on Monday πŸ˜€

  • Hi roxy. Missed you and seeing the lovely colours of your packet lunches. You just need to get back in the loop and you will get the boost you need. Fab that you lost 5lbs and been doing your steps each day. Re the black issue maybe just try to wear one thing of a colour so a scarf or a top with black trousers. Just try a little bit of colour it should help you to feel a bit brighter too. You always say such lovely things on here so you should smile and know that you have all our support. Hope you are managing to have a lovely weekend 😊

  • You are amazing muffintop67 ❀️❀️❀️

    Thank you very much x Now I'm very glad to be back

  • Just realised my reply to this didn't post, I've had a problem with my internet! Sorry!

  • Hi Roxi.. i kbow exactly how you feel!! There was a time when I used to only wear black, very very dark greens and dark greys. This wasnt really due to being overweight but because I used to have terrible eczema in my face. It was soo bad that the shape of my face itself was different.. sort of swollen and painful too. And then slowly as I controlled my diet and became aware of triggers, I started noticing a difference. But it was so slow.. it took a whole year for my face to clear up! And you know what.. as soon as my skin became better, i felt more happy in myself and also started wearing lighter shades of blue, dark reds.. it made me feel beautiful! i am still not the kind who would boldly wear a yellow or an orange and would be most comfortable wearing something very dark. But I guess what I'm trying to say is that now though my first choice is black, if I need to wear a lighter colour or a summery tone for a wedding, I would.. so one day it will happen Roxi. When I see your pic i see somone soo stunning! You are so beautiful and I dont think you realise how beautiful you are!

  • Sharonalex i have tears in my eyes , thank you for the kind words . Thank you . 😘😒

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