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Taking the plunge!!


Hi, I've decided to try to lose weight!...I'm 54 and work in events business, love the job but need to get fitter as I'm feeling out of breathe a lot......week 1, here I come!

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Welcome Parisienne20001 !! Hope your journey will be great and don't forget to drink at least 2l of water , if you feel like you want your water to have a bit of taste , try 1 slice of lemon , some mint leafes and 1-2 slices of apple . Leave them over the night in a bottle of water in the fridge and you will have a fresh drink for the day ! xXx

Thank you for the advice, sounds lovely I will defo try it....I'm starting on Monday, so one more day to count down xx

Me too. Best of luck. Ann

Thank you xx

Itsbab4 stone

Hi and a warm welcome to this very helpful forum. 😊

I am 56 just and the main reason I started on my journey was walking up a hill to a wedding Fayre with my son, daughter in law to be and her mum, by the time I got to the top my heart was beating so fast and I couldn't hold a conversation for a couple of minutes. Anyway after nearly 9 weeks on the plan I feel so much better and fitter, even attempting a jog on the treadmill now and then. I have about 5st to loose and I know it can be done because there are so many inspiring stories on here and encouragement to keep going.

If you haven't already check out the newbies post on the right hand side of your screen and other pinned posts that have lots of info. I am sure you will be ok the 12 week plan is so easy to follow.

I have a fit bit to help me along the way but there are others including myfitnesspal which you can log onto and keep track of calories, exercise, water intake etc.

Good Luck a new you is on the horizon and a fitter one too. Bev

Thank you Bev......I too, had to go up a hill on holiday in May as our apartment was up there, and similar to you, I got so breathless I couldnt speak and had to stop half way up to regain my breathe. To top it all, I had to go for a bone scan yesterday, were they weighed me...and I am at my heaviest I've every been. I have lost a stone before (a couple of years ago, so know I can do it!!)

I use Endomondo app on my phone, when (& if!!) I walk....I know I needto take up more exercise.

Thanks for the info, I'm starting on Monday, so here goes, one more day!! Nadine x


Hello Parisienne20001

Great name btw 😊

Like many on here my weight loss journey is all about increasing fitness and becoming healthier 😊 Have a look at the Newbies post and check out your BMR which will suggest a daily calorie intake.

I started in August last year with little hope of this 'diet' being any different to the countless ones I'd tried before, but a generous eating plan with treats allowed has made a big difference, it's just so easy because I'm not hungry 😊 Exercise wise I started from zero, ( I'd just come off crutches) doing just 10 minutes 3 times a day. 😊 Now I love to move, dance walk cycle you name it 😊

This is such a friendly forum so check in often to keep us up to date 😊

Hi Anna61 Thanks for the info....I'm starting tomorrow, so not long to go. I have done the Why Weight for 12 weeks with the NHS a couple of years ago, and managed to lose over a stone, but then they stopped doing the course, I ended up putting the weight back on, so I'm having another go, sick of being out of breathe etc...and I want to walk more.

Well lets see how it goes!

Thank you nsidra, starting tomorrow, so not long to go! x

good luck I'm out of breath too and week 2 and 52!!!

You can do it yoyo49. Completed my first week & lost 2lb, so happy, now on to week 2.....Good Luck to you too, as they say onwards & downwards!

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