Calories per day?

Hi everybody

I have a question that has been generated as I am 2 Calories over my daily allowance although I an 650-700;per week under. That then got me thinking.

Get ready my question is - who or what has determined your insividual daily calorie intake?

I have never calorie counted before however I have noticed on chats we all seem to have different calorie intake.I appreciate it's probably linked to current weight.

I am using 1500 per day set by my app which really I haven't even questioned or thought about until know. ๐Ÿ˜ซ


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  • 2 calories over?! it won't make any difference especially if you run up and downstairs a couple of times lol! there's a BMI calculator here

    if you put your details in it will give you your calorie range, stick near the lower end to lose weight.

    there's another one here too, you can check your bmr and body fat on this one too

  • Hi Caz28

    Thanks for the info. I have just checked Bmi and calorie recommendations on NHS site. On the lowest calculation I am still 250 calories under NHS daily calorie intake recommendation.

    Thank you for your response.


  • There is some evidence that eating too little is counter productive with regards weight loss, so I wouldn't go too low ๐Ÿ˜• but I err on the low side so I have a few hundred calories 'banked' for treats ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hi Ann61 just written a response to darkrosieposie and you have just taken the words out of my mouth. Is it good to go under or too low as I am sure it slows down your metabolic burn rate therfore when you do eat the body stores opposed to burning. I don't think I've made this up. Can anyone advise please? โ˜บ

  • There is a link on here, I think it was LessToLose who posted, about the importance of eating enough. Perhaps someone could post the link please? I'm useless at technology ๐Ÿ˜•

    I also read about the benefit of losing weight slowly, sort of tricking your metabolism that you aren't on a diet, "The best diet is the one you don't know you're on" ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks Anna61 for your support-๐Ÿ˜€and help.๐Ÿ‘

  • I agree with you janewatson. it is a proven fact that too few calories will cause your body to go into "starvation" mode and quit burning calories as fast as it does when you do eat the right amount. I believe that if you follow the table we are given with the BMI and the calories you should have, you will be all good. perhaps on the low end of the scale it gives you but certainly not lower than that. I know if I don't eat enough, my losing slows to a crawl or is non existant at all. good luck to us all!

  • I use Myfitnesspal. I was recently eating 1500 calories a day (based on their suggestion) & weight loss had stopped. My weight was going up despite eating so little. I checked the NHS website & my suggested calories for losing were between 1700-2000. So this week I upped my calories to 1750 & my weight has been dropping all week ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘hopefully this info is helpful. I've also been drinking a glass of milk a day but that's just because it's lovely on a hot day.

  • Wow that is awesome news and great info.

  • Oh thank you for your response. Yes I am currently on 1500 calories per day. I have only weighed myself when programming in my fit bit for a started weight which was a week last Thursday. I then started count calories and steps. From that Thursday to Sunday I had lost 8lbs. My next weigh in is this Sunday and not sure if I wil have or won't have any weight loss.

    I am restraining myself from getting on the scales earlier then Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜จThis is my first full week and I have saved a total 600-700 calories where I haven't used my daily calorie intake๐Ÿ˜Š. I am not sure if that approach is the best approach ๐Ÿ˜”we will see. But thank you again and I will see what happens ๐Ÿ‘

  • Good luck Jane, I would agree that eating more calories is the way to go - i.e. within the recommended range given by the NHS BMI calculator, and I always tended to go for the upper end of the recommendation.

    Hope your weigh-in goes really well. Maybe join us for the Monday group weigh-in, if you like the idea of a large group of supportive people, it's good fun.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal

    Thanks for your support just been playing catch up hope your day got better. I am also trying to get some steps in before bed. Didn't d well yesterday either. ๐Ÿ˜ 

    Tell me more about the Monday weigh in I am interested. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hi Jane,

    Here is a link to last Monday's weigh-in thread so you can have a read and see what you think - the latest thread is in the Events section (so if you go to the homepage and then look to mid-way down the page - below the Pinned posts, you can see it there), and next Monday's thread will be posted before 6.30am.

    No obligation to join, purely an option to consider - but it is a supportive and friendly group, and many of us find it to be motivational.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well, this healthy eater has an arts background rather than science, but...

    Isn't it all a bit approximate? Kcals are kilo calories so a thousand times bigger than those calories we had in chemistry when we were heating our one gram of water up one degree. The kcals our society quotes are a bit historical and might not be absolutely accurate as they don't always keep up with farming and processing techniques.

    When I started to lose my excess several years ago I was absolutely obsessed with weighing and measuring everything exactly till a more scientific friend pointed out that I shouldn't sweat the details as it probably wasn't that accurate anyway.

    It's back to that old saw about 80:20 being good enough. So 80% of the time compliance/20% of the time life takes over. And that will probably be good enough to get us to our goal weights.

    Anyway manufacturers tend to sell us slightly more than the label says as they don't want to be done by Weights and Measures for under-selling. So if, like me, you presume 8 slices of ham weighing 240g gives you 8 X 30g slices, then finding out we have 250g in a 240g pack could freak us out. I nearly drove myself mad my first month weighing eggs! And I can tell you those chickens care nothing for accuracy. But overall, it evens out in the long run.

    So never panic about 2 kcal, it won't stop you losing those lbs or kilos. it isn't a magic spell, if you get one tiny bit wrong - it should still work because you got most of it right.

    Our average intake is calculated using gender (because men's bodies are wasteful and they get to eat more than us - yes it is so unfair!); height (a bigger body has bigger bones which need more flesh to cover them than a smaller one); weight (I needed more fuel to move around when I was 5 stone heavier - I was carrying those extra lbs and that required effort) and age (we tend to slow down as we get older, it might be that experience just makes us more efficient, but most of us move around less and so use less fuel than our younger selves did). To summarise: my Mum wasn't overweight at 5ft 3, she was under-tall. She should have been a 6ft 4 man. Well that was her theory anyway!

  • I like your mum's theory, I should have been a 6ft 9 man myself!

  • Yes I find it very consoling too. So pleased I am a tall woman. But in my next reincarnation, I am bidding for a tall, skinny, good looking male body, which loves food but gets distracted by life and misses some meals! Oh I will be super fit without effort and fabulously rich too. Do you think being able to fly would take this too far?

  • maybe so, but if you want to dream, may as well dream big! I just want to be able to run in my next life! I don't mind being a big person in this life but a smaller person in my next life would be nice. not so much a man maybe as I like being a woman but what the heck?

  • Yeah but have you seen the kcal allowances for the tinies? I know they manage them, but it seems miraculous to me that they can. I just lost some because I went down to one of the stone milestones. Didn't realise till my app told me half way through a hungrier than normal week. Saving that 350kcal out of my last 3 days' eating was soooo difficult. And all for a Stay the Same at the scales. Still anything is better than a gain. And the Fitbit is working and will have me trained back into walking soon. And that must make a tiny difference, said she hopefully.

  • we can do this!!!

  • Yes we can well I say that now weigh in tomorrow - I may change my mind.

    We need to remember also size isn't about size it's about attitude.

    Onwards an d fingers crossed downwards to all.โ˜บ

  • "And I can tell you those chickens care nothing for accuracy."

    This really made me laugh!

    Curse those chickens !

  • Hi LinaLamont

    And my next show will be on....

    Nice pic and name by the way.


  • Love this reply Venus flytrap love your response. I totally agree we have to be realistic. Personally I don't weigh food. If it says medium egg then I log as a medium egg.

    I am a tall lady 5:10 and large boned (well that's my defence) long legs and arms I have no desire to be thin and the reality is I will never be thin. If healthy eating is with me for the rest of my life then it must be achievable and become routine.

    Do I want to be ruled by the scales everyday ie weighing food and myself honestly I would fall at the first hurdle as I know I am not prepared to or want to live my life this way.

    Weight loss has to be less structured for me and I appreciate there are those who do like that structure. For me I have to work with the easier option although it may be the longer route.

    I think we can all look at a treacle sponge and common sense tells us its loaded with calories therefore it's not something we can eat daily.

    For me this journey has made me more aware of the hidden calories food contain ie food loaded with sugar or fats that are disguised.

    For me if I think I am doing without something or cannot habe it the I want it even more. I am sure I am not on my own.

    So If i can have it I don't feel deprived and crave it. Reverse psychology.


  • Hi Trulyplumptious,

    After 5 years of measuring and weighing everything as if my life depended on it, I am much better at guessing reasonable portions. And you are right about the eggs, that was my enthusiasm taking me into overkill.

    I never ate a lot of the treat foods, I just had large man sized portions or sometimes family sized ones. I also hadn't learned to balance my occasional binges by cutting back afterwards. So without mindful eating, I just steadily gain a stone a year. I am the same height as you are, but unfortunately not big boned, though I have been accused of being so. And American, at my largest!

    It's the fats/oils that tempt me, I really don't like sugar and mostly avoid it. Although I might make an exception for your treacle sponge, I would have to have it, if you swopped it for a suet pud.

    I'm with you on the reverse psychology. I managed to keep off crisps for 6 months (notice the fat theme there?) by telling myself I could have them any time I made them. Fell off the wagon big time over the last two weeks when Mr Flytrap presented me with a multi-pack of Walker's salt n vinegar as part of my birthday treats. I have brought him up to know better, so I was gracious and enjoyed them, as a one off (five off?). Then "they were such a success, I got you another pack." What devil invented the multi-pack? I already know which one buys them! He has been warned. But I slipped so easily. So this week I have planned daily treats all neatly packaged up in their non damaging portions. And I have to have one, if I come in under my daily target. It's worked for two days so far. Today's curry night which has just been extended to curry day, might test this system to breaking point. It's the little extras like my favourite Patak's pickles that might take me unawares. I have strategies for the rest, but the pickles sneak up on me.

    It's like there's a greedy four year old inside me, and I have to manage her so she doesn't have a temper tantrum and "show me". But I am increasingly better at managing her, with practice.

    Hope your weekend plans are treating you nicely


  • Hi Venus

    You are so right. It's not the sugary things for me it's the savoury and my downfall are marmite crisps - count them in my daily allowance.

    I will see what the damage might be tomorrow on weigh in.

    Have a good weekend another hot one by the looks of things. โ˜บ

  • Just had a look at all your posts (so far). I managed 5,000 on my new Fitbit yesterday! Am in the house waiting for parcels, so not sure how it will go today, but really feel I've broken through a barrier and noticed you had too. Might stay at 5K for the rest of my week, don't want to go up and down, just up!

    I like my marmite on melba toasts, might give you a lower kcal count than the crisps. Round about a 100kcal for both depending on brands. And they come nicely packed in little bags of 6 inside the boxes, so portion control built in.

  • That's good well done. As you've probably noted I walk round the house to get steps in.

    I love my fit bit and I feel it is a good marker and motivator. That little vibration reminds you to get going.

    What colour have you got?

    I have worked out you can get the 250 steps in in an add break. So if i fall behind in the day thats how i achieve my target.

    My dogs think I have lost the plot slightly. Again I am sticking at 5000 for now. I was going to up it to 6000 this week however due to the heat I kept it at 5000. This is what I know I can achieve therefore I won't become disappointed or feel i have failed. I don't tolerate failure very well.

    I love seeing the sun however it doesn't like me.

    Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I've got the Fitbit one in black. I got it just over a week ago for my birthday. So all the Flytraps would have one now, if Flytrap Junior hadn't lost his! As ever. You can take the guy out of the chaos but not the chaos out of the guy. Of course he didn't start looking till the battery was flat.

    So you're an ad break whizzer too! It's what I have to start with every time I have a lot of bad health down time and need to get moving again. My favourite is taking up the washing one category at a time. To think I used to try to take everyone's up in one or two goes. Now some loads take me 6 journeys. Who knew previous efficiency was making us unhealthy?

    When I was using the pedometer on my iPod last summer, we were staying at a Campanile. The staff having their post work drink, chat and fag, were fascinated at this ancient creature marching past them 3 times in the dark as I went round the block. When I told them it made their day.

    I popped up to the Dr's yesterday in my shorts and t shirt, (shorts! At my age!) I am bullied by the sun too so I had a lend of Flytrap's Panama hat. Felt very Diane Keaton! I can get terribly burnt in 15 mins. Perhaps we're Scottish red heads underneath our visible appearances? I always forget that little bit on my front above the neck of my t shirt. Do you use sun blocker? I find all the creams etc are too hot to wear, so tend to go for hats, and even umbrellas as parasols. What's your strategy?

  • Hi Venus

    You make me laugh i believe we may be out of the same mould l. Yes I have celtic skin like you. A hue of purple or even blue.๐Ÿ˜ต I use fake bake as it gives me an allusion and it is an illusions i might add of being slightly thiner. However I only put it on from my feet to above my knees as I wear cropped trousers your brave in shorts! My arms and chest area the rest is blue bottle white with a hint of blue purple as previously identified. ๐Ÿ˜จGrowing up I was like a marabou stork talk thin and lanky oh IF ONLY I had kept that shape.

    Lke you Venus I love my hats ๐Ÿ‘’also and according to my beloved -hats suit me. So that's a plus.

    I have very freckly skin and kid myself that I am pale and interesting! That the thing only a mother would say to comfort. I slightly er on the side of excentricity. โ˜บ

  • Snap, just what I was thinking, I suspect we are twins parted at birth, as we both suspected.

    Who knew dieting would bring new friends? I am loving this summer.

    I fancy trying a fake tan, but I cannot seem to get my ancient legs properly moisturised. Didn't want to be piebald (again!). I only want to do the same part of my legs too as you do. Same as the shaving!!!

    Do you only ever iron the bits of clothes that can be seen, too? And avoid even that if possible? Just looking for more coincidences.

    Catch up with you later, well probably tomorrow, if I'm honest. I'm missing too much of Miss Marple to carry on typing!

  • i am butting in to ya'lls conversation, sorry. i had a breakthrough at breakfast concerning portion control. i was making oatmeal and decided to make one portion instead of 3 like i used to eat and it was just as satisfying than if i had eaten all 3 servings! i wonder if it is a mind thing or just mental, but regardless, it felt pretty good to know i started the day off right.

  • I have porridge almost every day with various toppings. I buy the porridge which is already measured out into 27g portions (97kcals). You empty out the sachet into the bowel then use the sachet to measure out your milk / water and microwave. Perfect every time ๐Ÿ˜€

    Just remember to get the plain variety as the flavoured ones are packed full of sugar ๐Ÿ‘

  • No your not butting in a forum is for all.

    Also from our previous treacle sponge discussion treacle is lovely on porridge we had it as children. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi janewatson. good attitude at least it matches mine. the more i think i cannot eat something, the more i want it. my hubby says if you crave something, it is better to eat a little of it than a bunch of stuff you do not want. as for treacle sponge, what is that? i am from US so i have no idea sometimes what everyone is talking about and this i am surely curious. i think as long as you and i stay away from processed food, fried foods and sugar, we are all good. i think sugar is my downfall. i am pre-diabetic and since i found out, all i crave is sugar. psychology. so i stay away as much as i can and don't seem to crave it so bad, but once in a while i must have chocolate!

  • Hi Katy

    What is a treacle sponge?it's lovely but not for us. In principle it is a steamed sponge with a generous helping of treacle at the base. You steam it and when you turn the sponge out the hot treacle runs down the sides and you usually have it with custard it's quite a comfort food. If you like sugar - I think it is something you may like a little too much.

    I totally agree with your husband - for me if I have an alternative and it doesn't quite hit the spot in that it doesn't satisfy me I then eat what I craved in the first place plus the alternative so I might as well have had a little of what I fancied first - so he is spot on.

    I try and look at this as healthy eating opossed to a diet if you tell me it's off limits I crave it more.

    However like you if I make it my choice versus you cant have that ie if I have chocolate sugar or chips then I can resist simply because it's a choice and I have control if I do or don't. (Hope that makes sense)

    I also remember my wise mother when my brother and I was teenagers and she didn't want us to do something she didn't so no she used reverse psychology by expressing I don't want you to do that however if you do it then you take on the responsibility if it goes wrong. Therefore we had a choice. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I noticed after reading a few articles on the NHS website that they take guidance off NICE and even had a link from one of their websites to their site. Their website was an interesting read.

  • I love the NICE website when I remember and have time to browse. Will bookmark a link under health for the future. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Not seen that one . . . Off to google NICE ๐Ÿ˜Š

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