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Feeling nervous

Hi everyone. I've been floating in the background now for ages reading all your post and I've done quite well with my weight and been doing 5 mile on my bike a couple times a week. I've done my first run/jog/walk (which about killed me lol) but I've not been out to do the next 1 I'm worried I won't be able to do it. I got no stamina and struggle with my breathing. Any tips would be really appreciated. Thanks

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Hello Emz78

Well done on your progress so far 😊 You don't say which eating plan you are following but if it is working then stick with it! With regards to exercise I found building it up gradually works 😊 cycling is excellent, 😊 Also have a look at the C25k links, many people have success with them 😊

Good luck

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Start by generally moving about more at home; carry laundry etc up the stairs as often as possible, stair climbing is an excellent fitness trainer. Housework is a good way of bending and stretching. Gardening can burn off a few calories - but watch your back! Then progress to walking on the flat, and then take in some hills (gently though) - you are allowed to stop and take in the view! Then, when the hips and knees are not complaining, start some short jogs and slowly build on that. Swimming too is a great work out without putting strain on the joints.


Hi and well done so far on the weight loss, don't float about in the back post on here, answer others, you may have some ideas/advice to give too.

Slow and steady won the race, like Dartmoor Dumpling says do things gently building up, there is also Leslie Sansome on You Tube you could do little walks to in your home just do as much as you can. 5 miles on the bike is brill anyway,I don't think I could do that.

So well done,keep at it you are on the right track good luck. Bev

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Hi Emz78,

I just wanted to wish you luck with your next run/jog/walk - I think it's brilliant that you have done your first one - really well done. Just remind yourself you did it! You can do another one - just make sure you pace yourself, and you can always stop for whatever rests you need to catch your breath - do things at your own pace - and you should be fine.

Enjoy it. Glad you posted! Hope to see you again - hope you're enjoying the forum.

Lowcal :-)


Thanks for all the tips. Been out on my bike again this morning done 8.2 mile so big pat on the back for me. As for the running going to give it another go tomorrow and take it slow :)


Woohoo 😊🎉😊 that's fantastic!! Very well done 😊 Very big pat on the back ❤️


Hi Emz78 well done so far, just reading all the inspirational and informative posts on here and then posting your thoughts tell me that you want and will achieve your goals 😀

I'm the same as you I lack stamina and motivation and have dabbled in running too. I down loaded the c25k app and followed it up to wk 3 then family and work commitments got in the way. But I loved it !!! I would definitely recommend you have a look at this as it is a great structure, you walk and run following a podcast and it paces you. You run 3 times a week and each week you run a little bit more. When I have some time I will start it again as like I really enjoyed it.

I mostly get my exercise from walking. I walk the long way round, up stairs not taking lifts etc. It all adds up.

I recently bought a jawbone up move for £16 on amazon this tracks your steps, sleep, calories and more. I have found it very motivational as I've been achieving 10000 + steps where as before with my basic app on my phone only achieve 6000 steps 🏃

Alot of us follow the nhs12wk plan and would recommend you look at this.

Get involved with the forum too the challenges are fun 👍

Positive thinking and you will succeed. I'm still in denial that I've nearly lost 2 stone in 20wks and you can too !!!!!!!

Good luck.

Claire x



Just wanted to say if you are reducing your calories intake to lose weight and go running (or cycling) you have my full respect, please do not give up and be proud of anything you do, it's so hard!!!

I can consider myself a bit of an expert runner (here is where I log my trainings: runningahead.com/logs/ba66e... - as you can see I ran over 750 miles this year... ) and I love running, but I have never done it while trying to lose weight.

However, this morning I went for what only a week ago I considered a short run, but after only a few days reducing calories (or at least paying attention to it) it became a very difficult challenge... and I was thinking about your post...

If you can run for a mile or even less, start from that and build it up over 3/4 times a week slowly increasing your time running by 10% each week.

When I started again 3 years I could not run around the block, let's not talk about running a mile... building up slowly but steady is definitely the secret!!!

keep up with the good effort :)

have a great weekend


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Thanks for the advice will definitely give it a go


I was unfit even though I was not massively overweight. Walking is the best exercise as it doesn't damage your knees. Set a target distance each day and walk it at a comfortable pace. It could be just to the shop and back. Once you stop feeling out of breath then either increase your speed, walk further, or make it more difficult like going up hill. Good luck.

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