Been a while

its been a while and so much has happened with me and my weight. its not breaking news, its good and bad stuff but at the same time its also good to share with those that care, which is you guys the weight loss family of lovelies.

so here goes :)

so from my previous post i did go out and walked a heck of a walk. since then I've been waking for over 45 minutes. today i walked for over 1 hour close to 2 hours. the place i went i loved it and now that I'm in to so much walking i will go again but further and i can't wait, so , so , sooooo excited about that, i wish i could take you guys with me as the sun is also out and its brilliant weather. I've been walking non stop :) i got in to a size 14 top and it was lose for me, so I'm curious to know am i a size 14 or a 13 as the top just slid on :)

now for the bad news.

i found out that the weight scale i got on to was broken and the weight it Kg and Lbs it was telling me was wrong :(

I rested for 2 days, because my glutes were in pain so only could add minor and light workouts :(

I've been in a not so good mood and at one point because of these moods i didn't want to work out :(

I've been finding working out slightly difficult but i am adding HIIT work out to help me shed some pounds.

I've asked my mum if she has noticed any difference in me, she told me in arms and bottom of legs, i have noticed the difference but its sad to hear that all this working out really hard it making a tiny bit of difference to others so I'm trying HIIT workouts and i promise you they kill.

I'm having trouble with eating as I'm skeptical in eating food now and i thing because of this my stomach has come out a little even though I'm doing ab exercises.

another that has happened which is after my workouts, when my stomach is grumbling i even then don't eat then my stomach is in so much pain, I'm so shocked as this is the first time I've experienced such pain and i wouldn't wish this upon my worst enermy. i mean it has never happened before in the past as even when my stomach did grumble i still wouldn't eat. so I'm becoming very skeptical now at what i put in my stomach as i have been finding it difficult to eat 12-15 00 cals and somehow can manage on 640 calories a day, i know thats very bad :(

i don't know about any of you guys who have been losing weight but is it me or are our senses getting severely heightened. Mine somehow are, i can smell stuff and they stink. everything just stinks to me :(

I'm trying to latch on to my positivity with all mite now. i think i need to get my head in the game more and when its there all i need to do is focus before anything pops up around the corner.

somehow am lost with the workouts a lot even though I'm doing alot of them, sorry for sounding so confusing, and don't know what to do. I would like to hear how you guys are getting along, may be your optimism might just be that lesson i need to boost up my strength and may also be that motivation that i need.

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  • Weight loss is always faster in the beginning because much of it is water. I plateaued at approx 10st. but continued doing all the right things and just as I was starting to get disillusioned I had a sudden flurry of small weight losses that totalled the 1-1.5lb per week I hadn't been seeing on the scales. So if you continue doing the right things you will see it on the scales in the end. I have found I lose more if I avoid processed foods, regardless of calorie content real foods are what we are intended to eat and any increase in vegetable intake is beneficial, you mention being in a low mood, try eating green leafy vegetables every day, that are natures own antidepressant. Good Luck x

  • Thank you. Im going to the shops and then il gets some. Thank you for your tip also, will take it on board :) x

  • Well done on the walking and the exercise 😊 And on your progress so far 😊 However, stomach pain is a worry, I would go and see your GP. No exercise should make you feel ill 😕 Hope you feel better soon,

    best wishes

  • Thank you

  • Hi Nsidra, can I ask if this is the first time you've tried to lose weight, and also how old you are? It's definitely a problem if you're getting these stomach pains, also you're right 640 calories is way too low, you could get in trouble if your body's not getting the nutrients it needs, not all calories are bad calories. Weight loss is a slow game, as in the slower you lose it, the more likely it will stay off. It's difficult to believe this when all you want is to see results, I totally know this. But try to take the pressure off yourself and be patient. Follow the recommended calorie allowance for weight loss for your height and weight - find this using the NHS BMI calculator. And take rest days between workouts, remember to stretch properly, and definitely see your doc if your stomach pain doesn't go away. Take care :)

  • This is the first time I'm trying to lose weight properly and for the rest of my life and properly. Im 27 years old. Im trying to eat well and have been eating fruit but somehow i don't know why I'm always getting hungry about an hour later. Its my stomach thats causing problems as it won't go away. but i think the pain in the stomach is lack of eating so, I'm going to see my doctor on monday morning he might give me some good advice that will help me and make sure the pain doesn't comeback :)

  • I've had stomach problems for a few years (I'm about 10 years older than you), which is why I asked about your age and why I spotted the stomach pain aspect! Definitely see your doc about this, there are loads of tests they can do. But firstly I'd suggest watching how much acid is in the fruit you're eating, especially if the pain comes after eating fruit? Maybe combine the fruit with some yogurt, or go for lower-acid fruit like bananas and apples.

    If this is the first time you're trying to lose weight, then it might be a good idea to get advice from as many sources as you can, looking more at NHS based stuff rather than 'lose weight quick' articles and youtube videos etc... The NHS 12 week plan and the livewell pages are all full of good advice, people on here are very knowledgeable so ask away on here, and also it's worth asking your doctor too. Wishing you lots of luck :)

    The NHS livewell pages -

  • hi Nsidra and congrats on the working out and losing weight! you should feel good about getting into a smaller top that is loose for you. I know when I did, I felt great. now I am losing about 1 pound a week and I figure if I am doing that, I am doing all the good. you should check with a doctor about your stomach pain, but it may be that you are just hungry. I know when I first felt hunger pains I was shocked. before I ate before I was hungry so I never really knew what it felt like to be hungry, I was always afraid I would get hungry so I ate first. anyway, see a doc and get a good opinion. but 640 calories is way too low. you will lose weight better if you eat. I know that sounds crazy but if you do not eat, your metabolism will slow down and you will not lose weight that well. your body thinks it is in starvation mode and will keep all the calories it can. keep us up to date and good luck!

  • What 1 pound a week thats brilliant, i think your the go to person for tips on how to do that, i would love to do that. Yes it made me a lot more shocked getting in to a top that was size 14, it was lose also but not from the top, from the chest part :) i didn't know if I'm a size 14 or a 13 :). Yes i think the pain is all hunger related. i try to eat when I'm hungry but sometimes i also don't eat when I'm hungry. but your right when i eat i feel like i have life inside me again. but i love your idea for weight loss. thank you for the advice, i will take it on board and start being less skeptical of food. I will keep you guys posted :)

  • I always lose from the chest first. lol. but then eventually my tummy is going too!! I think we all are afraid of food when we start to lose weight. it is not like an illegal substance we can just stay away from, it is something we have to have every day. true bummer but I know that you and I can triumph and beat this!

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