I'm addicted To PokemonGo

I'm addicted To PokemonGo

Only by a little bit. Lol. I love playing and walking. I'm glad this app promotes a somewhat healthy lifestyle. Unless, it's my brother who decides to drive to the poke stops instead. -.- then that defeats the purpose of the app. I like this app lol.

But this morning, we decided to go to the park down the road from where we live. (My brother and I, I mean.) We discovered many treats and goodies! It was fun to go there. We also saw others doing the same as us, and caused us to giggle at ourselves. Not sure why though, but it was fun.

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  • It's crazy my youngest daughter's boyfriend who is 23 got her to drive to Matlock Bath the other evening on a Pokemon hunt, my other daughter disappeared last night on a hunt for a squirtle just before tea, came in after chasing around the park but it was exercise I suppose. I haven't got time even if I could understand it. Good job schools are breaking up lessons would be interrupted I imagine.

  • Hehe 😊 What a genius idea! Gets folk out and about and I always admired the ethos of Pokemon, everyone having a value fir being an individual 😊 My kids loved them 20 years ago 😊

    Im a Derbyshire girl now living in Scotland with very happy memories of Matlock Bath ❤️

  • I don't actually live in Matlock Bath but not too far away, now the dales of Matlock or the rugged highlands of Scotland a tough choice I think? My kids had Pokemon 20 years ago too some though just don't grow out of them LOL! 😊

  • We are not so much rugged highlands as gentle farmlands of the North East, not unlike Derbyshire at all 😊

  • Oh lovely not too different a landscape then. Hope you are benefitting from the heatwave up there. I am hoping I have sweated a pound or two off but I doubt it😊

  • Rarely gets too hot up here, 😊 And you can always open a window for a sea breeze 😊

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