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Resisted temptation

Went out for a walk after my lunch. Still feeling peckish and went into the shop thinking about ice cream or crisps. Got myself a bottle of water and walked out. It's old habits and I want to loose after maintaining for over a month. I am going to body pump later...never done it before. I'll let you know if I'm in one piece or not later!!!!and end the day with a nice walk with my soppy dog☺

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Sounds like you have got your head in the right place! Well done for making a healthy choice and hope you enjoy the body pump (what ever that may be)....

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Hi Greeny4,

Wow, you did really well at resisting some old habits.

I hope you enjoy your first Body Pump session - I've done about 3 of those now, although I admit I've not been for about 3 weeks - but I did enjoy it. It's really tough though!!! But I'm sure you'll hopefully feel good for doing it, so hope you have a great time. Just pace yourself. Make sure you do plenty of stretches after too, as I found my arms ached over the entire weekend after my first session, which was on a Friday!

Hope you have a lovely walk with your lovely dog later too.

Lowcal :-)


yeah! great feeling to be in control! well done and enjoy your walk with your best friend 🐕


Woop woop!! Well done greeny4 on resisting. I'm sure alot of people wouldn't of been so good (ummm ... I had only a small ice cream sat on the beach today 😉) but walked lots so hope I've burnt off my naughty calories😀

Hope you enjoy your walk later I too have a soppy to take out later to up my steps count 🏃🐕

Enjoy your body pump too !! Hope you enjoy it 💪😥😀


Well done! This is the way to success 😊 Enjoy walking your soppy doggy ❤️


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