up 2lbs.......advised not to get despondent

Very difficult with a social......steered clear of calories in drinks and sugary treats.

But leftovers were served up for supper and no alternative on offer.......so hidden calories in there etc etc.

Called 2 days a write off and sought to get back on track again.

Need to say tomorrow is a new day and hopefully will lose at least 2lb this coming week.


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7 Replies

  • Don't forget it's really hot too, I've been sticking to my calories but still feel a bit bloated, I'm assuming it's water retention, so that could be to blame too. Like you say, you had a good time and now back on track 😊

  • Thanks for this comment. Really sorry for myself as not able to ear much due to heat but seem to be putting even more weight on.... Do suffer from water retention though and perhaps not drinking enough water so encouraging more retention.... sigh.

  • I'm aiming for at least 8 glasses a day, I'm glugging!

  • Life does get in the way sometimes. The most important thing is that you still have the motivation to keep going... after all, it is not a race; more of a long term adjustment in your habitual eating patterns. Good luck for the coming week!

  • Agree 😊 It's getting straight back on plan that will make the difference 😊 You will soon knock a couple of pounds off 😊

  • Don't worry too much. I've successfully maintained my target weight for more than a year. But I see I've also gained a kilo in the recent heat, even though I was actually eating under my calorie level ....so I KNOW it's not "fat weight " , so more likely due to fluid retention or excess sodium.

  • Also I must not be the only one who seems to swell up in the heat- expansion of water etc! very depressing when you're overweight and sticky and your clothes are uncomfortably tight :(

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