Exercise motivation in this heat!

Exercise motivation in this heat!

I'm sure everyone has heard to no end about the heat this week!!

I am so struggling to keep motivation to do something active. I do not do well in heat, at all.

I've done a max of 20 mins on a stationery bike this week and had to stop due to getting so hot I couldn't carry on - I was watching a film (planning to go through the whole thing) as a distraction, but it didn't work...

I went to go swimming yesterday and ended up leaving when I looked through the window to the pool - packed! Seems like everyone had the same idea.

I've today started a little challenge to do a little routine before my morning shower

20 jumping jacks

5 burpees

30 second plank (although, I can only manage 10 seconds...)

5 burpees

20 squats

Every morning I'm going to try this, even that this morning was a struggle in the warmth..

What do you guys do to keep activity levels up when you just want to starfish on the floor from the heat!!??

Even the fluffs are struggling in the heat lately

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7 Replies

  • Good for you sticking with it in the heat! At the moment I am working which is hours of exercise at a hotel, and I walk the dogs when its cool in the evening. I also have an exercise bike which is easier than being outside.

    Nice to see another bunny owner. Your lop eared looks just like one of my girls ❤

  • Oh how cute are they? 🐰 I lost my dwarf lop rabbit last year but he was 10 he used to follow my husband round the garden when he was mowing the lawn 😥 This week I am afraid my treadmill walking has gone out the window as I have been helping my husband put a new shed base down so lifting and moving slabs, rubbish etc done now thank the lord😰

  • So cute! I just walk and power walk and I've still been doing it, just taking extra showers lol! My motivation is my weight loss goal, good health and of course my tracker, which does not lie!

  • Cute fluffies! Late evening walks are a bit cooler, and real cycling is good, as you generate a bit of a breeze as you cycle along. I cycled about 20km yesterday, and it was cooler than the equivalent journey by bus/tube... Although I haven't been running yet this week...

  • I love your post - such beautiful Bunnies, and a really great idea for your Circuit class at home. I've been to the gym today - where the air conditioning is good and cooling. I'm hoping to do some circuits at home with my resistant bands and my kettlebell, so I will hope to work something out - just 10 or 15 minutes - and will try to do that 3 times this week.

    Drinking plenty of water is definitely a good idea at the moment. :-)

  • I also struggle desparetly in this hot weather. I aim for 250 steps an hour. My fit bit hasn't alerted me today that I am under it reminds you every hour to get 250 steps in or whatever the shortfall is. I have 3500 currently so I have to achieve 1500 before bed. I walk between the kitchen and room go get my steps in after diner. You will be surprised how quick this can be achieved. Again I might complete 100 steps have a rest and then complete another 150. It is gentle and manageable in the hot weather. Make your goals achievable. You get there😀

  • I go running in the parks around my house in the morning (between 5.30/6 and 7/7.30). It's cool and the views are all yours, there is nobody around and the noise level is very low (which helps combining running to meditating). Evenings are also a good idea. My motivation is my plan on the fridge and in my log online (on which everybody can access).

    I put down a goal every couple of months and that also becomes my motivation.

    Usually everything is accompanied by improving health and quality of life :)

    Hope you keep motivated :)

    best wishes


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