Wow! That was heavy!

Week 14 and I've now lost 18 kgs. Very happy with this...... Tonight at my daughters, my son- in- law asked me to lift the backpack he has used for training. It weighs about 16 kgs. Wow! So heavy! He said, ' that's what you've lost - and more! No wonder I feel so much better! No aching knees at the moment - feels good. 😊😎 . Thanks for on- going support on here 😊. Happy days 😊


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  • That's great Jweanie and even better that it could be shown in something physical. You are very welcome and as ever, please keep us updated :)

  • Thank you 😊

  • That is such a good idea.... to actually lift the weight you've lost. I bet it really put into perspective how much you've lost and hope much easier your body will find functioning.

    I'm going to set up a bag so I can do the same.

    And well done! You've worked wonders xxx

  • Honestly, I just can't imagine carrying that weight! It was SO heavy!

  • that's incredible, 18 kg in 3 months... I guess people won't recognise you anymore!!!! It's an amazing result!

  • Thank you 😊

  • Wow! You have certainly worked hard for that, I bet you have so much more energy and less aching knees what a bonus. Congratulations enjoy the lighter you πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • It's really great! I had such painful knees before, and now I can walk and climb stairs without pain. 😊

  • Great illustration of progress πŸ’Ό

  • Thank you😊

  • Well done, its so motivating isn't it!

    When I lost 19kg, I took a photo of my holding my smallest dog who is 19kg. Can't believe i used to carry her weight around with me! When I lost 26k, the weight of my eldest dog, I got another photo, although I struggled to lift her. I reached 32kg lost, the weight of my youngest dog, and no way can I lift him, which is mad because I used to carry all that with me constantly.

  • Brilliant! Well done, I hope I can lose that much too! 😊

  • I think we all need a SiL like that. Do you lend him out?

    I am so impressed with the amount of your losses, that's more than a kilo per week. Brilliant.

  • Bless him! He's so lovely! He's really proud of his mother-in-law! 😊

  • I should think one way to maintain incentive is - whenever you lose a bit, find something the same weight and lift it!!

  • It's a great idea. It was such a shock to feel that weight and a wonderful incentive! 😊

  • Hi kjt239 and Jweanie, I love the yellow fats aisle in the supermarket. (Daren't call it butter in case it calls to me!). I just count the half lb packs and work out how many I'm not carrying around any more! Love losing a happy half!


  • Brilliant!! Love it!

  • Recipe: Take a 10 litre plastic bucket. Fill it right to the top with water. Then it will weigh about one and a half stone. Lift it. So if you are only one and a half stone over then this will be the same as carrying a full bucket of water ALL THE TIME!! Three stone would be one in each hand all the time!

    How about that?

  • Wow! It's scary stuff! Lol πŸ˜‰

  • Wow well done that's a superb achievement. 😊

  • Thank you so much 😊

  • And the knees. They're getting such a reprieve because carrying weight puts unneccessary stress on the joints. Congratulations

  • Thank you - yes, I bet it's a pleasant surprise for them! 😊

  • Great job! You should feel very proud of yourself :)

  • Thank you 😊

  • happy days!! .... amazing ... You must feel real proud of yourself.... well done on the weight loss . and it is really nice to be reminded how far you have come .... x

  • Thank you! I have a long way to go, but am now determined! 😎

  • Hi @stopfaffing, loving your aspirational name. Could have been mine! If I had been insightful enough at the beginning.

  • That's great weight loss, well done!πŸ˜ƒ

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