Monday weigh in only a pound agh!

Monday weigh in only a pound agh!

Things are slowing down now I have gone from 14 stone 13 pounds to 13 stone eight pounds. In two months. Ten pounds to go to the top of my BMI but ideally aiming for 12 stone 7. Still not weakened with the beer and wine. I did a pub gig on Friday where part of the payment is beer. I gave my bass player my pint and stuck to water. Determined to keep it up till December twenty fifth. Off to Majorca on Wednesday would love to drop at least a pound before we go. I must start trying to count my calories. Any ideas as what to order instead of chips in Spanish restaurants ?


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7 Replies

  • Have a lovely time and well done for losing a lb, better off than on. Enjoy Spain, tapas maybe??

  • Salad 😜

  • Well done JeffDavies123 😊 Slow and steady weight loss is the way to go 😊

    Holidays can be a challenge 😕 The answer seems to be portion control, and, for me, watching alcohol 😕 If you can keep up the exercise, lots of walking swimming and dancing that will help 😊 Have a lovely time 😊

  • Am I right in thinking you've list 1 St 5 lbs in 2 months? That's impressive .

    A thought. Eat chips but eat fewer :-)

  • Hi, congrats on the weight loss! Enjoy your holiday, just watch portion sizes and have lots of lovely salads instead of chips .

  • Thanks Cockney blue

  • Thank you Cockneyblur and good luck with your healthy eating too!

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