Hey all. I'm new!

Hi all,

I have Chronic kidney failure. I have been on dialysis the last 6 years. Last year I was lucky enough to receive a transplant but since then the weight has piled on from 86kg (my lightest) to 105.7 this morning! (Not the highest I've been but I'm certainly not impressed lol :) ) I really want to loose around 40kg to get below the 70-60kg mark. I have just started moderate walking for 30 minutes, which I intend to increase to running and I have also started only drinking water after my morning cuppa tea. I'm really trying so hard to achieve this as I'm only 23. Thank you all for listening.


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  • Hi Clairec93. I also have ckd but am older than you and I have to say that you sound so lovely and positive after going through so much, and at such a young age, I am fully convinced that you will succeed. This is a wonderful forum and you will get encouragement from everyone at each step of the way. Good luck.

  • Thank you kalahuchi, I am quite happy after everything and I've had a wonderful family that kept me going on them hard days. It sounds great that I'll get the encouragement here and hopefully make a few friends. Good luck to you as well :)

  • Hi Claire, I have no idea what you are going through, I just want to welcome you to the most supportive forum on the internet. It must have been horrifying for you and you must have been under tremendous stress, no wonder you have gained weight. It is brilliant that you are now strong enough to start thinking about weight loss, you deserve a body that works for you, not against you!

  • Hi IbenCopenhagen. Thank you, it has been a very tough time and emotional due to having all my friends ditch me since I told them about my illness 6 years ago. I am really trying now to make my life a much healthier one to give this new kidney a fighting chance of lasting the full 30 years, if not longer. I hope you are doing well in your goals.

  • Friends who ditch you when you need them the most are probably not real friends. Or too cowardly to count as real friends. You will make new ones as you are able to take charge of your life again. Being here is a great start. Did you have a look at the newbie post on the right?

  • I totally agree. They weren't my real friends. I am taking control of my second chance at life 😊 I haven't seen a new it post on the right but I am using a tablet. Maybe that's why?

  • That could be it. I'm on a phone because I am on vacation an it is at the bottom of my news feed. Here is a direct link healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

  • Thank you. I have read the post. Enjoy your vacation! 😊

  • bless you, but at least you have joined us here, so you have taken a big step in the right direction. there s lots of advise on here, and encouragement, so i am sure you will achieve your goal. Good luck

  • Thank you RJ52. I am really going to give it a good go, and from reading previous posts and replies , this forum sounded the friendliest and very welcoming. Good luck to you as well.

  • A very hearty welcome Claire you will certainly receive lots of support on this fantastic forum. I cannot imagine what you have been through and so Young too. I am sure one of the fab5ers will be in touch to welcome you shortly. Good Luck on your journey hope you have checked with your GP about your new venture. 👍 Bev

  • Hi Bev (Itsbab) Thank you for the welcome. My GP has agreed with my Transplant team at the hospital about loosing weight, as it would benefit me for the sake of the kidney and also the weight I am for my age is classed as obese. I really want to change that to healthy! :)

  • Hi love and welcome this group is great really feel for you losing your friends I lost mine when I became ill as I couldn't fit in their plans but anyway people like that are not real friends I'm sure you will make some on here as all lovely people good luck big hugs love jill xxx

  • Hi thank you. Yeah that's what happened to me they made plans and because I was too poorly they just stopped bothering with me. Was very hard at the time as I was only 17/18. But I learned to cope and met some great people when I had to go to have my treatment at hospital. I have been very welcomed and hope to stay in touch even after I manage to achieve my goal. Big hugs too xx

  • And you will do it Claire, it will be a walk in the park after what you have been through. I am so pleased you now feel strong and healthy to make this new change which in turn will make you healthy and stronger than ever.

    We all help each other on the forum so just post if you have a blip there is always a helpful person to answer questions whatever time of day. 💐

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