Dreading weigh in tomorrow!

Absolutely dreading weigh in tomorrow, my calorie targets have not massively been reached most days.

These are all my week's total - they all are more than I actually wrote, as I added 10% to make up for any mistakes/errors in calorie calculators.

Tuesday was 1240

Weds 1998

Thurs 1182

Fri 1696

Sat 1217

Sun 2247 - I ate half a cake. Half!!! It was a Victoria sponge cake... literally could not stop myself and felt immediate guilt and shame afterwards!!

After 2lbs lost last week, I really hope I've not put on this week. I've got to lose 28lbs in total, now down to 26lbs to go for 10 October, so any gain or maintain will set me back...

Arg, how do people deal with this tension before weigh day...!!


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  • What is your calorie target brocollibunnies, because it looks as if you've averaged 1597?

    Try not to stress, because stress can play havoc with weight loss. Your weight will be what it is tomorrow, regardless of how much angst you put yourself through. Remember that weightloss isn't linear, so don't expect to be losing 2lbs every week and whilst it's great to have a goal, don't become so focused on it that you ruin your journey :)

    Wishing you lots of luck :)

  • I set my daily target to 1300-1400 a day. Going by my BMR it says 1500 for sedentary. Lightly active is 1800 a day. So I picked the NHS one of 1400.

    It's such a tight goal, because I need to drop 2 dress sizes and I am determined (clearly not enough). Been saying for the past 2 years I'd get back in to 14s and it just hasn't happened... Now I need to stick by my words.

  • The one that you've picked is generic and not personalised! You need to put your details into the BMI calculator and see what range it gives you. If you don't eat enough calories, you won't lose weight. Read this for clarification


    If you can exercise, it would help with inch loss and therefore dress size :)

  • HI Brocollibunnies,

    I agree with moreless - you need a personalised calorie recommendation - and I would imagine it will recommend more calories than you're currently having, and it's definitely better to eat within the recommended range.

    Wishing you luck for tomorrow's weigh-in!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Okay, going by the NHS one it should be 1685 - 2156 a day.

    I need to lose a total of 23kg/50lbs, so just over 3 stone to be in the healthy weight band.

    My dress size goal is only for holiday the 23kg is my ultimate goal.

    I think it's because I've been saying I'll lose weight for so long, but never have, that makes me so determined to actually do it this time...

  • Hi looking overall you have had just under1600 calories daily on average so you should see some loss even a small amount depends on how active you have been also. Did you stop and think before you ate the cake? it might sound silly but if I get tempted I stop and imagine the calories in whatever I am being tempted by, just a second or two helps change my mind on eating it. I get so nervous when it is weigh in so I am now weighing in every 2 weeks to lessen the tension. Also I get obsessed with the dam scales and would end up standing on them numerous times a day so best left in the wardrobe only to emerge every 14 days. Suites me. 😊

  • Worst part is, I did, but it didn't stop me. The cake is now away and I will not look at it again, hoping someone else eats it and the next time I even think about it, it will be gone.... I rarely think about eating sweet stuff, I am more of a savoury person. Just wanted that cake...

    Well Tues - I did nothing, Weds - 20 mins walking if that counts, Thurs - 50 mins swimming, Fri - 70 mins walking, Sat - 120 mins walking and nothing on Sunday. Today's plans are 30-40 mins swimming and a fitness blender workout from youtube afterwards. I am slowly upping my activity - it is much more than what I was doing.

    I tried every 2 weeks a little while back, but I feel like I need to know a bit more regularly to keep me on track better, if I can see weekly progress it will motivate me more to stick to it, or if there is no progress, then kick my ass in gear.

  • I love savoury too Cheese and Onion crisps don't even go there haven't had any for 9 weeks as I know I would loose it!

    Just wondered if you use a fitness app or have a tracker/pedometer to help encourage you to do more steps etc? I have a fit bit that was a birthday gift but my daughter bought a jaw bone off amazon they are on offer now less than Β£30 and she loves hers.

    Good Luck for the weigh in you will be fine I am sureπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • I have SHealth on my phone, but obviously I don't always have it on me all the time. I plan on getting a jawbone after seeing a post on here recently. So I'll be getting that payday hopefully, at least then I can update my steps on my app accordingly.

    I am a really lazy person by habit, so need to get my ass moving. I'm thinking of pledging a set amount of time on my bike (which is currently being used as a towel dryer... >.<)

  • I know what you mean, my treadmill is now being used but spent many a year as a clothes horse😊 Why don't you put on a CD of your favourite music and cycle to a track or two whilst on the road so to speak also I think you will love the fitness tracker as I think you like to see instant progress and a tracker gives you this. Best of luck Bev

  • Hello brocollibunnies

    I feel for you πŸ˜• I really do. But do you think you could be jeopardising your success by stressing and putting yourself under extra pressure with a deadline? I am a weird person that if I'm told I MUST do something my mind just seems to rebel and make me do the opposite!!

    I know this is going to sound flippant, but could your try to focus on the process, on eating well and enjoying your food, perhaps exercising a little more, and not so much on the numbers or deadlines? I am the same weight I was 10 weeks ago, it's taken me months to get back here, and not without a crisis or three I can assure you!! But I keep telling myself I'm still less than I was a year ago, I'm still on plan, I'm still much fitter, trying all the time to find positives. 😊

    What I'm trying to say is whilst many people find having a challenge, or a deadline, works for them, it doesn't suit everyone, and doesn't seem to suit me. I am much better being a bit more relaxed, i just get too stressed which as moreless has said, just hinders weight loss. πŸ˜•

    Good luck, and very best wishes

  • I think I need a bit of goal orientation, as I need to see that I've actually achieved something. I've set myself small goals to work on weekly/daily, like making sure I swim 3 times a week also managed to cut my fizzy drinks down to 1 a day, my next is going to be to drop it to 4 a week and so on, till it's 0.

    I need to lose a total of 23kg/50lbs, so just over 3 stone to be in the healthy weight band.

    My dress size goal is only for holiday (I'm fed up of looking like the lumpy bean bag standing next to my friends in holiday photos)

    The 23kg or just till I'm happy with how I look/what I've done is my ultimate goal.

    I think it's because I've been saying I'll lose weight for so long, but never have, that makes me so determined to actually do it this time...

    So I've got a lot to prove to myself in all honesty and I know it's all stress, but it's about the least stressful thing going on that I can focus on at the moment, also the easiest to tackle.

  • Good idea to have activity goals, they are very positive ones too, and have the added benefit of boosting endorphins and relieving stress like Zest said 😊

    My initial target was 5% in 8 weeks, then 10% 😊 the dietician assured me this makes a big difference to our health and fitness 😊 This felt more achievable to me somehow 😊

    The other thing she told us was that after as little as two weeks We will have learnt new habits making it easier to automatically eat healthier 😊

    Hoping you have a good week, best wishes 😊

  • Good luck for tomorrow,i stopped carbs and it worked for me .been away and put 3 lbs on.

  • Did you weigh in yesterday.?😜

  • Weighed this morning, a loss of only .8lbs.

  • That's still a loss!! Well done 😊 You must have under-eaten considerably 😊

  • It is indeed - so I am happy about that. Definitely going to shift a gear this week and see how that goes. Then I'll know how much exercise and food to put in.

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