I need to lose 7st help...

Hi my name is Patricia I need help losing weight. I have put on over 7st now I am so fat and unfit and don't know where to start. My problem is fizzy drinks ,chocolate and not being able to say no to eating a whole cake and not just one slice. The bigger I have got the harder I'm finding it to start. I am sick of looking up online to people saying i have lost 10st and you can to..... just follow me and pay money and i'll tell you how I did it and then find out its because of a gastric band or some other helping hand don't get me wrong I am very very very happy for them but they all seem to have the same problem after they lose the weight a ton of excess skin. I don't want that happening to me. I just need to know that other people are having the same problems as I am and can talk openly about the good and bad things that come with trying to lose weight. So please help


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  • Hi and welcome Patricia :)

    You've come to just the right place, we're all happy to help and we don't charge a penny :)

    Have a look at the pinned posts section to the right of your screen and read our Welcome Newbie thread. Follow the link to the NHS 12 week plan, sign up for the emails and download the sheets. For extra support, sign up for the re-boot challenge.

    Consider joining any, or all of the other challenges, as they're fun and motivating.

    We have a monday group weigh-in, that's just about to start and you'd be very welcome to join us. The latest thread can always be found in the events section to the right of the homepage, or you can follow Lowcal for a notification when she posts. If I remember, I'll pop back and post a link, but don't hold your breath, as my memory isn't up to much! :)

    Keep active on the forum, as it's a great way to get to know everyone and get a daily fix of motivation :)

    All the best! :)

  • I wish you luck on your weight loss journey.

  • Hello and welcome

    One year ago I believed that no diet or eating plan worked for me, that somehow I was overweight despite eating healthily 😞

    Very sceptically I started on aneating plan prescribed by a dietician. "I won't lose weight eating that much" I said!! It is s generous plan with regular treats included. Guess what? Yes, you guessed, I lost weight, I lost inches and by gradually increasing movement I am 100% fitter and healthier 😊

    Trust me, if I can do it anyone can 😊 I just decided I was worth it, my life was worth it, and I wanted to live it in a different way 😊 Very best wishes, good luck!

  • Hi Patricia welcome to this brilliant forum. Moorless has given you all the info you need. I would just like to say you are not alone we are all here for the Same reason to loose weight whether it be for medical health issues, just to look better or get fitter. 9 weeks ago I hated myself couldn't look in the mirror had been on all sorts of fad diets, joined clubs lost weight and put it all back on again plus more. Then by chance I found this forum and have never looked back, the encouragement, advice and help you receive is amazing so far sticking to the 12 week plan which I might add is brill I have lost 20lbs to date and feel so much fitter as I was getting out of breath just walking briskly and have arthritis in my hip and hands which again is easing a si loose more weight. I too have a lot to loose at 56 I knew I had to change. I have started my phase 1 wanting to loose 4.5 stone (63lbs) after that I hope to loose the last lbs but will be happy to just get there.

    To do this you have to change your mindset the 12 week plan helps do this you don't deny yourself anything but if you eat the whole cake for instance theses calories come off your allowance you really start to make better choices. I had a voucher last week for tea and cake in a cafe you wouldn't believe 453 calories in a piece of chocolate cake choice have it or not?

    This won't be easy the hardest part is to start that first week, give yourself a small goal to loose 2lb, to up your steps exercising is important I have got a fitness band and walk a lot more than I did and it works even walking in the house to a Leslie Sanson YOu Tube video helps. I don't have much help from home so I get most of my encouragement from the forum.

    Just ask yourself do I want to live the rest of my life as I am or do I want to change? Only YOU can do this but with help from the forum YOU CAN, we will all help because we help each other. Good Luck once you start the new weight loss journey I think you will find the more days go by the easier it gets. Go FOR IT PAT ! If I can stick to it you can.👍😊

  • Hi Patricia

    I also need to lose about 7 stone, and the journey seems impossible. However, I realise that I have to start doing something. My plan is to take 1 day at a time, and do not look too far ahead.

    My downfall is chocolate and take-away due to convenience.

    This is my 1st day of a very long journey, so lets do it together with the support of this forum

    Good Luck with your journey xx

  • HI stacy

    I am so happy i'm not on my own on this. I start tomorrow one day at a time xxxx

  • Try the NHS 12 week plan and my fitness pal free and really helps. I can relate a lot of what your going through this is helping me and will help you 😀👍

  • Hi

    Welcome to this excellent forum

    I have just seen a posting in this weeks weigh in introduction that congratulates a member on loosing 7 stone, it's very inspirational and well worth a read

    I am sure you can do it , just look at half a stone a time

    It's just a life change not a diet , it's fun, exiting, the forum is supportive . And most important it's there for you

  • Hi have 7st + to loose I've been depressed about it in the past and that has meant I have continued to eat for comfort. My problem is I can eat healthily make all the right choices until the evening time and then I cannot seem to control the urge to eat. At this point I stop counting calories and just think well I'll try again tomorrow. To break the desire to eat at this time of day is so hard....any advice would be welcome

    Thank Jen

  • Get yourself a whole lot of low calorie treats lined up in a row for the evening. Low cal jelly, sugar free hot choc, frozen banana (pretend it's ice cream!), frozen grapes, salady stuff, bowl of radishes, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, celery, apple slices etc

    If you know that evenings are your weak point, plan an activity, go for a walk, join a fitness class, do a jigsaw puzzle, paint your nails etc etc.

    You know when your cravings are going to attack, so get your strategy sorted to overcome and win the battle. You can do it.

    If you are on the 12 week plan you should find that the cravings lessen after a few weeks as you re-train your mind and body with healthier habits.

    Good luck. One day at a time!

  • Hi! I struggle too, don't fret. You've taken a good step in joining here. Don't beat yourself up about stuff, try to take things one small step at a time and be pleased when things go well. I have stopped buying flavoured crisps, we only have plain/ready salted ones at home now and then they are the cheap bags, so really small bags too. And we only have plain biscuits around. These things have really helped my whole family cut down on snacking. As far as fizzy drinks go, can you have the diet versions? Or how about mixing fruit juice with plain fizzy water? It's lovely, especially in this hot weather. :)

  • Why not try squash to wean yourself off fizzy drinks? The thing I find help is to do things step by step. e.g. I make a weekly goal like -increasing my activity to 2 exercise sessions in a week or upping my eating of vegetables so my 5-7 portions a day are not just fruit. The nhs 12 week weight loss plan is great and if you sign up for fresh start at a local pharmacy you will get one to one support once a week for 12 weeks.

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