Hey, new to this & looking for a Miracle!! I have 5st to loose & have tried everything from weight watchers, slimming world, juice plus etc...

Excercise levels are much better than I give myself credit for... Walking everyday & a military bootcamp once a week!!

Need to get in the zone & would appreciate any words of wisdom, help, tips etc & hopefully I can also help you too xx

Liz x


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7 Replies

  • My three tips are:

    1. Record everything you eat, with whatever method you like to use. I personally prefer the good old-fashioned pencil and paper, but many people use various electronic means. Whatever you're comfortable with. For me, writing it all down helps me realize exactly what I've eaten and, more importantly, how many calories that actually is.

    2. Get a set of scales and weight out your food. When I saw how much a portion actually was, it was no wonder I was putting on weight. I was effectively eating enough for two!

    3. Set small goals. Sometimes that big amount can seem daunting and impossible. But breaking it down into smaller steps can make it seem more manageable. It doesn't have to be weight targets either. You can aim to eat more fruit and vegetables, try a new exercise, keep to calorie targets for a week, etc. Whatever helps motivate you to keep going. And don't forget to celebrate when you hit your goals! :D

    But mostly, find what works best for you! :)

  • Yes, I would agree with all that 😊 The first thing is to get your head in the right place, a bit of self belief, you can and will do this it just needs a readjustment to your current eating habits 😊 Good luck!

  • Thank you so much for your reply🤗 Really really helpful & appreciated.. I am starting a week today.. A week to get my head sorted & into the correct frame of mind.. Thank you again, I am off to asda to get myself food scales & will be no doubt shocked at my portions too xx

  • Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of tips and encouragement here. When you find yourself at your lowest someone will always be there to help you through it. Good luck with your journey.

  • Hi, You are need to be in the zone....right off the bat.....mentally in the right frame is a must.

  • Hi I'm Kirsten and I'm the same age with about 4 stone to lose. How are you finding it? Good luck xx

  • good luck with your weight loss I want to lose four stone but small steps one to two pounds a week and plenty of water are my diet tips

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