work out session

As usual i drank 1 pint glass of water. Had a bit of multigrain cherries and half a banana, as i find stomaching breakfast really difficult. Starting to sleep early after my workout session so i can wake up early for breakfast.

An hour later i worked out my arms, legs and abs. Everything was frying. I do find it difficult but if i give up i won't get anywhere so i battle through the pain. Trust me it burns, a very good sign. I then tried yoga, but got no where with that. Its really difficult. I wanted to try out all the burning fat moves.

I brought an aubergine, charcoaled it and ate some of it with lemon, salt and black pepper and plain rice crackers. Just ate bit by bit.

Im going to work out my arms and abs soon, dreading but but i have to. Ive just sorted tonights dinner out, tuna patties with sweet potato.

As you know, or some of you, I hate sweet potatoes, but i wanted to add it to my diet as it is better than regular ones. I tried swede, i won't be trying that anymore. I don't like sweet and savoury at the same time. I like to thin of myself as old school, please don't laugh at me :), if do i won't get offended :)

So i brought a packet of sweet potatoes from my asda near my home, i must admit I'm getting use to them. i ate more than half a sweet potato and they were easy to peel. I just need to get use to them. Hopefully i will and i like potatoes and these weren't that bad.

I ran on the treadmill and that was interesting as i ran on it more than usual and lasted so yay. i also drank another pint of water and have been drinking some more.

The back of my legs have been aching so much for a couple of days so just going to give them a bit of rest from walking before i start my work out session. I thought i would leave out walking but I'm still going to go out today for a walk may be get some chicken on the way to cook, a whole chicken for 2.99 so i want to get my mits on them before anyone else does :), it might just not be for a 20 minute or it might as i can't get enough of walking even when my body is screaming to rest I'm not. Im going to work out tonight also and of course the legs to :)


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9 Replies

  • Sounds like you are training up for a marathon! Not sure I could cope with all that discomfort. Swimming is a good all over work-out too if your body needs a change.

    Regarding the sweet potatoes - if you don't like them boiled or baked, you could mix your root veg with others like carrot and parsnip in a mash, or cook it in small cubes in a hot oven until it starts to brown. Try a squash done that way too as they are a high water content vegetable which makes them lower calorie. I sometimes do a tray of chopped peppers, aubergine, squash, courgette and red onion roasted in a tiny bit of olive oil, with wholegrain mustard - a delicious way to enjoy vegetables.

  • Hahah, wil try that. A marathon, no sadly I'm not there yet. I have my heart set on the 5K, just need to lose the extra weight that is necessary and NOT needed, stay fit and healthy and then concentrate on that. As when i am i can join that and make myself proud, that is actually one of my goals :)

  • It's good that you are trying out different and healthier food to find out what you like. However I think it is better to eat a smaller portion of something you enjoy (potato) rather than continue to eat something you don't enjoy (sweet potato) because if you don't enjoy your food you won't feel satisfied and may lose your enthusiasm for losing weight.

  • Regarding the 'burn' you're feeling from your exercise - are you making sure to warm up beforehand and stretch afterwards? Warming up can literally be just a walk round the block first, but stretching afterwards is really important and involves a few different moves (similar to yoga moves), so that your muscles stay lean and healthy, rather than tightening up giving you that uncomfortable feeling you're getting in the backs of your legs. There are some stretches on the NHS website - I really recommend doing them, they are exercises in themselves. Otherwise, enjoy - sounds like you're working hard but also enjoying all the experimenting :)

  • Yes, I was thinking the same 😕 It's usual to ache slightly but not to be in pain 😊 Well done nsidra on the exercise but please take good care of yourself 😊

  • Thank you Anna61, I will :)

  • It's great you are putting such a lot of enthusiasm into this, but I agree, it's is important to enjoy what you eat, and also important you warm up before exercise and stretch afterwards. If you are new to excercise and not sure how to do this why not exercise along to one of the videos on you tube they will show you the correct way. I would recommend leslie Sansomes 1 mile happy walk and also the 3 mile walk, she also does more strenuous ones that you can build up to. Have a great week end!

  • Thank you, I saw her videos and even joined in to them. She is in my bookmarks for favourites so i join in with her :) than kyou for your advice , i will take it on board :)

  • Thank you , DartmoorDumpling, MW50, Ruth_canal_runner I did it!, Anna61and Caz28 for all of your generous advice, i all take it all on board. how are you guys getting on :)

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