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Fitbit I got this on my phone looks good but how much dose it cost you is it a weekly or month thing or would it be better to get a wrist band ?

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Hi, while you are answering all newnorth549's questions, please would someone explain which is the best Fitbit for us laymen to buy, I read The Blaze is good but would that be too hard for me to understand.

Thank you in anticipation, sorry newnorth I don't know myself 🤔🤔

I got a good reply you should be ok now


The Fitbit app for phones is to use with a Fitbit product as they link together to record all your stats.

If you use Amazon to search for Fitbit you will be able to see all their products and I t all depends on what you want to track.

I've just bought a Charge HR, it tracks steps, distance, flights climbed, calories burnt and heart rate. It was £99 but well worth the investment! This is the 2nd most basic one to use, other than the Zip but that doesn't track heart rate. It is simply press a button on the side to scroll through the information you want, and it's all recorded daily by pairing it with your phone and the app :)

The Blaze is good but is more of a smart watch, very similar to the Apple Watch!

Hope this helps!

newnorth549 in reply to Hidden

thank you I am going to get one soon

Itsbab4 stone

Hi I have the fit bit blaze which was a gift and I love it but my daughter bought a jaw bone which was only about £30 off Amazon and it gives just as good information out as mine but then again I probably don't use the fit bit to it's full potential.

Claire2stone in reply to Itsbab

Hi newnorth549 following in from what Itsbab just said the Jawbone up is on special at the moment on amazon from £15-25 ish (depending on colour) and ive have got one coming next wk. Its comes highly recommended 😀

Itsbab4 stone in reply to Claire2stone

I think you will like it Claire my daughter loves hers she had the plum one😊

Claire2stone in reply to Itsbab

Hope so😀 I went for the sunny get up and go yellow!! 🌞 but will probably buy a couple of different bands so I change them around to suit outfits xx

thank you I am getting one soon

Great 😀 it seems like a good one and will do everything you need. If you look up jawbone up on Internet there are a few good info videos showing how it works. Might be worth a look 😆 xx

Itsbab4 stone

Enjoy it, you will soon be upping those steps in competition with yourself🏃

Hi there

I have 2 fitbits. My first was a ffitbit flex. This is the cheapest band I think. It tells you steps, distance walked, sleep etc. It links to your app and gives you daily breakdown, weekly progress etc. You can also input your food and water and it will tell you where you are with calories. Or you can do this on myfitnesspal and it will link up and transfer sat a to your fitbit screen.

newnorth549 in reply to asics

thank you I will get one soon

Data.. not sat a!!

I love my flex as I don't want or need my heart rate stuff.

I then bought an Alta as being a girl this looks more like jewellery! I love this too the difference is to the flex that it has a watch I can see and I can see all my data through the day. (The flex gives you dots which light to show your step progress). The Alta also remind you each hour to go for a walk to meet step targets, it vibrates!

However the flex is great basic one and you can buy different colour bands easily and cheaply on Amazon. I had a rainbow pack for buttons!

Finally I also have the fitbit scales. For me these are awesome. You weigh and it transfers the day a to your app along with your body fat %. There is no running or hiding with these!!

Have a look at the fitbit website you can compare models easily there. My main advice would be choose a model that does what you want it to. Don't pay extra for bits and pieces that you won't use.

Good luck!

thank you I will get one thanks


I think it depends how much info you need, and how much you want to spend. Caz28 recently bought a jawbone Up move for about £20 which looks really good, or you can pay over £100 for the more complex ones. I am still undecided, want to see one in the flesh so to speak, but am tempted with the Up. 😊

Most new phones have a basic step counter which is useful, but you do need to carry it around all the time, even in the house! 😊

Good luck

As far as I know the app doesn't work without the actual fitbit, so you will need to get one if you want to use the app.

I have the Flex model and its brilliant :)

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