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Swimming with James

I've been struggling emotionally recently - i don't think I'm alone there - and in amongst everything I've really lost my diet-joy. Til now i have felt inspired to eat well just by the pure excitement of clothes fitting etc. Yesterday was a particularly grim day in my head. As usual i went for a swim after work. I normally do 40 lengths, 20 mins, counting as i go. The idea is to make it short and sharp so i have no excuse not to do it. This time i decided to put on my waterproof mp3 on for the first time in weeks. A WTF podcast came on with mark marin interviewing james corden. It was so interesting i couldn't stop swimming so i ended up doing an hour. By the time i got out my mood had lifted and i had pre-burned (some of ) the excess calories i then went on to consume at my friends house.... all hail the benefits of moving about for clearing the soul 🙂

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Well done knitsandcodes - and you're right, at times emotions can get to us and foil our efforts. But you fought through and won, now that is an emotion worth having - success yaaaah 😄😄

Mouse 🐭


You're definitely not alone in the emotional quagmire stakes Kandc! Those gremlins have been out in force recently and it's up to us to knock them on the head! Well done you, for giving them a good battering!! :)

Exercise really does release the endorphins and give you the strength to go on. Keep up the great work and in the words of an inimitable blue fish, just keep swimming..... :)


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