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Lunches done!!

Lunches done!!

Just made my Lunches to be frozen for next week.

My own veggie stew thingy ...

Cherry tomatoes





Sugar snap peas

Baby sweet corn


Knorr veg stock

Sweet potatoes

Red split lentils

Made 5 servings 521g per serving and 1 serving is only around 180-200 calories! (Obv can't be exact as it's not from a recipe, but I used the weight of all the ingredients and their calories and added it all blah)

Cost me a total of I think, £5 for all the ingredients.

Tastes amazing and now I can't wait till Lunches next week!!! >.<

Also just racked up over an hour or walking through going pokemon hunting with my cousin ha - could use this game to an advantage!

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Brilliant, that looks so healthy and I guess you don't need to eat the same thing every day as you could do a few other similar type meals and freeze them so you can have some variety.

Can you post the recipe of how you made your lentil / veg stew? Was it easy to make?


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Ooo, I could eat this non stop. I love it.

It has a sweet-savoury taste to it.

I didn't use an exact recipe, I made it up, but here's the weights I used:

152g cherry tomatoes (26 cals)

211g celery (21 cals)

297g courgette (59 cals)

241g carrots (97 cals)

4g parsley (1 cal)

215g sugar snap peas (in pods) (75 cals)

95g baby sweet corn (26 cals)

5g chives (2 cals)

About 350g sweet potato (301 cals)

236g red split lentils (278 cals)

56g knorr stock pot things (the jelly like ones, not cube powder) (51 cals)

130ml water

(Got my calories from my s health app on my phone. So it will probably vary on what calorie counter you use, but just add all the calories of the ingredients up and divide it by how many servings you want out of it)

Was so easy. Literally just cut all the veg and herbs up to your liking, chuck all of it in a pot, add the stock and simmer till all veg is softened. And that's about it.

Water will evaporate off a bit, but keep stirring, it just becomes thicker. Or add more water if you want to to make it thinner. I did add a little salt and pepper and a bit of cayenne pepper too.

That's it really. :-)


Brilliant, thank you! I might give this a go next week. I really like the fact it has some lentils in it too!


Well done brocollibunnies your lunches sound yummy 😀 my kind of food for a small amount of calories. Enjoy 😇



Obviously, Chardonnay Go won't be as effective in the weight loss game, but made me laugh!


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