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Walking (Health)

Ive just come back from my walk. Today I walked for 26 minutes according to my pace app, I've installed on my phone. I couldn't eat oatmeal, turns out I'm not a huge fan of oats when it comes to oatmeal, so i have a recipe for mini oat muffins, I'm going to try that. After realising how much i hate oatmeal after 1 spoon, don't get me wrong i tried to make myself eat but sadly failed :(

I then got 2 wholemeal slices of bread, turns out thats my favourite kind of bread, so i like whole meal :) , i had simmered chicken yesterday so shredded 3 of yesterdays chicken. They were little so i managed to get 1 1/2 hand amount of the shredded chicken and with 3 egg whites from eggs made an omelette and then squeezed heinz ketchup on top. Im not much of a sauce person. I do like ketchup but not a lot, its really sour for my taste sadly :( I hate all other sauces but still i am trying them out and i don't judge a book by its cover either :)

I then went out after 1 and 45 minutes, got something for my mum, a calling card to call family outside of england. regrettably because of the rain where the family is the call wouldn't go through and then i went out for a walk everywhere thats near to my home.

My results from my pacer app on my phone as i walked are as follows,

Cal 77

0h 26 m

2.1 km

3222 steps according to my phone.

It even started pouring down with rain, i didn't go back, just carried on so yes I'm drenched :)

Before leaving i left a whole flower of cabbage out so later on I'm going to steam that and have it with salad. Il be adding chilled, black pepper and ginger. I haven't decided if il be putting a squeeze of lemon , still thinking of that. First time Im going to try making cabbage this why and il see how i get on. :)

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Well done for doing that walk even in the rain. Keep it up. Is the tomato ketchup necessary to the recipe if you don't like it, I'm not a lover of it either.

Good luck for the weekend.

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thank you. The ketchup gives it a little flavour but I'm thinking of cutting it out completely. Ive stopped liking it now. Im the only one in the family that doesn't eat any sauces now. So as usual the weird one in the family. How are you getting on :)


Two of my least favorite things: ketchup and oatmeal.

I just can't cope with the texture of oatmeal, too gloopy. I used to eat it as a kid but I think overexposure (when I had braces!) led to me disliking it. I guess our tastes change as we get older. :)


Very true. I only love oats in home made flap jack. I fount a recipe for mini oats muffins so il be trying that and then see how i get on with them. How are you getting with your weight loss journey :)


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