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Hi everyone mines a it boring after the previous post but hear goes.My worst time for snacking is evening I count calories at every meal but night time beats me I nibble most of the evening but not this week I have started to have a cup of flavoured tea and I found that was enough for me took the cravings away.I know it might not work for everyone just thought I would share it If anyone else has any tips I would love to hear them.

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It tends to work for me too, and distraction

Itsbab4 stone

Hi I tend to have frozen grapes to nibble on and recently had ice lollies little ones with about 20 calories in to take the edge off but my cupboard is full of different teas my favourite being fennel☕️

I tend to save a few calories and have a few pecans and sultanas 😊


Low calorie jellies for me at the moment....


Distraction works for me 😊 Coming on here, walking round the room to add a few more 'steps', stretching, having a drink, brushing my teeth, whatever it takes . . . After a while you will lose the habit, about two weeks they say 😊

Good luck !

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Hi Anna61 I would be worn out it would be easier to go to bed I do that sometimes and read for a while don't seem to think of snacking when I am in bed

I reserve some calories during the day so I can have 20g of nuts or dried fruit to nibble on in the evening.

I save milk from my allowance and some calories and have a glass of milk and 2 rich tea biscuits

Distraction also works for me as I struggle not to overeat in the evenings,I clean out a cupboard or do a bit of cleaning !!!

That's a great suggestion! I too have found that fruit or herbal teas are lovely in the evening, either to stop further snacking, or another glass of wine. There are such fantastic flavours available now too - when I think back to my childhood it was basically PG Tips or Tetleys! Yesterday I had a cup of Ginger and Lemongrass, and the day before Roibos and Vanilla. What shall I have tonight, I wonder? Strawberry and Mango, Raspberry and Echinacea, or my old favourite Pukka tea - Mint, Fennel and Rose?

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Hi Dietbunny Yes there are lots of flavours I have only had green tea until a few months ago my daughter recommended a lot of flavours to try I have only just started with them on a night as a snacking distraction it has worked well up to now

Dilemma1Restart May 2020

I tend to have a low calorie hot chocolate with water and a good splash of milk in a very large mug. This usually satisfies me.

Brilliant holiday100! I will have to try that. is it caffeine free? they say caffeine makes you hungry so I was curious. but what a great idea! all I do is try to stay busy but if I am on my computer, I am so used to snacking and blogging that I just get hungrier. I am trying to break the habit, one blog at a time.

Hi Katy6860 yes the are caffeine free and no added sugar.They work for me it takes away the need to snack.I just hope they have worked weight wise I need to lose 2lbs to get to 11st at my next weigh in on Monday.

Thanks for that going to give it a try

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