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Today i downloaded an app for paces. I didn't have the strength to go out again so i have done 2005 paces in my room. i walked all around the room, and you can say jogged in one spot, then made a square with my feet as pacing repeatedly. I'm going to try power walks, although i don't know how people do it as i found it very difficult but enjoyable. I sweated so that a good sign :) i don't want to gross you guys out and I'm sorry if i do, please feel free to leave this post or not read it, i promise i won't get offended :) but it was from all places but especially from my back. this i know is a good sign.

My screen says i burnt 49 calories, achieve time 0h15m and 1.3 KM. So i guess for my first time its not bad. I just wasn't able to achieve my goal to 10000 paces, level sedentary. Tomorrow il do better :)

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  • That's a great start 😊 Exercise is supposed to make us sweat, it's proof that it's working 😊 Why don't you write down how many steps you do each day and see it building up?

  • Well done! What a great thing to do.... I think it gets easier and it will be great if you stick with it as you will start to see the difference after a little while.

    Keep going!!!

  • You should have a look at the Leslie Sansone Walk in Home videos on You Tube, they are great fun and can be done indoors whenever you want to.

  • nsidra! great start! I am so proud as you should be as well. it is a challenge to start especially for me as I am obese and am having problems with it. I never thought of pacing around my house. that is an excellent idea as in Texas right now it is miserable hot outside. that way I can set my own pace and rest when I need to. I have a fallen arch on one foot which causes me to walk funny so I would not have to worry about anyone watching me either. I think it is a terrific idea and I am very happy you shared!

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