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My pedometer

Its been a couple of days since my last post but was so busy. Ive walked in total 20-30 minutes each for 2 days each and and on top of that I have been eating healthily. I did get up in the middle of the night :( and ate. I had realised that I didn't eat properly so i at a full healthy dinner, which consisted of 2 boiled chicken breasts and then shredded them, with two boiled eggs and a hand full of salad. I have been told that my hands aren't that big :).

I have come to realise I actually hate shredded carrots in salad and love the fact that there are red peppers. The salad stuffed me so then i didn't need to eat in the middle of the night. I always work out my legs, stomach, and arms in the night after 7pm so I'm keeping up with those even if it kills me, no pain no gain :).

So pleased about this morning. To me this is exciting news because i just installed a pedometer in my phone and this afternoon i went out shopping. I woke up late this morning, i am not an early bird, this probably goes back to the time when i came in to the world, in the after noon, aka, late :).

So i ate a banana, after installing the pedometer, i went out for a walk and did some shopping. When i got to the store, they have expanded it so i walked around the store and walked everywhere and then did my shopping. I then walked back heading home. At every light i started walking on the spot and then started my walk again.

These are my results from the pedometer.

Steps 4,459

155.3 Kcal

3,121 m

40:01 time (give or take 1-3 minutes when i was stoping to pick things up, waiting in the sue, sorting bag out and putting shopping in my bag)

4.7 km/h

I must admit I don't understand this app. My steps didn't feel a lot and i don't understand how much mile I've walked. To me miles are supposed to be long aren't they?. It took me 20 minutes walking to and back from the store. So i don't understand the pedometer that well and sometimes feel that the steps i had taken where less than what was written on the screen with the miles and maybe they were skipping fast so didn't do as much as it read on the screen, if any one knows anything about the pedometer and would like to share their experiences and might know little more information that I'm lacking on please feel free to comment below.

I did find it very helpful, when people say its addictive i understand what they mean as I'm going to use it again tonight when i get on the treadmill and use this again, I can't wait. I have to work extra hard on the treadmill as its not like the one that we get in the gyms, its manual so i have to move it with my legs and then it will move, this to me isn't a set back but a challenge and doesn't make me want to turn away but see what i can do, i see this as a challenge and i can't wait to actually use the pedometer whilst i run, i sound crazy but I'm super excited :) :) :)

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Hi, pedometers are addictive aren't they?! you usually have to set them up so that it's accurate for you, I don know what type you've got, some ask age, height, weight, some ask you to put your step length in, it may be worth checking the settings. Enjoy your work out!

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Hi Caz28, the one i downloaded just allowed me to start walking, i didn't have to add anything in.


yes they do, but they are more accurate if you set them up with your personal statistics

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I use the app on my phone too, it's not 100% but it's a good indicator 😊 I try to keep it in my pocket round the house too, pegging out washing, making the tea etc all count towards your daily total. 😊

Current recommendations are 10,000 steps per day, so you are well on the way 😊

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Amazing :) :)


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