Favourite jacket

I have a lovely friend who was always the similar weight to me but two dress sizes smaller. As I got bigger I often passed on clothes. Yesterday she was wearing my favourite jacket, (size 16 fitted) which I tried on and it's now a perfect fit! She gave it back to me with the comment "I'll have it back soon when it's too big for you"!! So lovely 😊😊😊


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  • What a happy outcome....and it's good to share!

  • That's great you must be buzzing and what a lovely comment from your friend, soon be size 14 onwards and downwards

  • At my absolute smallest I was size 10 jeans and 14 top - big boobs!! Lol 😊 Hoping for 12 bottoms and 14 top 😊 I did squeeze into my sisters size 12 shorts on holiday so not far off 😊😊😊

  • I have that problem as well. When the boobs in the family were divided up I got them all and my sister didn't get any... ;)

    The most annoying thing is that it makes finding dresses difficult. I usually either fit the top or the bottom! :(

  • Luckily I can see so often have to alter things 😊 Just had to shorten some "cropped" leggings!!! Lol 😊 #hobbitsRUs !!!

  • Meant to add πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘i have essential tremor and keep hitting the wrong button that's why I don't post much πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ‘

  • Don't worry about posting too early rosie-2015 you can amend your post by clicking onto the ^(but the other way round) downwards pointing arrow next to the like button and press edit post, then finish your message and send again πŸ‘

    I'm always sending messages with wrong spellings (due to predictive text not me being thick) so have to amend all the time πŸ˜€

  • Thanks claire2stone i hate having this stupid tremor the worse thing about it is knowing it can only get worse, i try to treat it with a joke it doesn't help to dwell on it πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  • Best way to deal with all life's problems .... with a smile πŸ˜† take care x

  • Hi rosie-2015, In part of a previous life, I was an academic editor. I can tell you, none of us can spell, and we all have our blank spots. That includes the professors and the international experts! It used to be their secretaries that made them look good. But now they're all computer literate, the spelling has gone to pot. And that is with spell check too. I always presume it is trying to get fingers onto tiny keyboards plus predictive text and people being in a hurry to share that causes our errors. And some of them are hilarious. So don't worry about it. We all do it even without the basis of a tremor. Maybe a job at the Guardian with its famous misprints awaits you!

    Welcome to the friendliest forum ever. It is such a good one, I have given up my other two.


  • Hi venusflytrap i really do have a tremer it's a medical condition called essential tremer i had to go to a neuro surgeon to have it diagnosed it affects more than my arm.

  • Hi rosie-2015

    I totally believe you and am very sorry if that wasn't clear from my comment. I do so sympathise. I find tremors awfully frightening. My mum had Parkinson's so little hypochondriac me thinks every slight shake is the start of a downward path for me too. I have trapped nerves at the moment in my shoulders which are affecting my neck, arms and head. So the permanent pins and needles remind me of tremors and cause them occasionally. Thank goodness for the NHS, I have been sent to a great physio and can see the difference after only one session. But it has taken me 2 years 6 months of mystery symptoms and 6 hospital visits to get this far. Still we are making progress now. And I am getting out and about more now, as I learn to manage the symptoms. What can't be cured must be endured, they say. But I am still hoping for a bit more cure before I have to settle for management and working round the symptoms. Where are you in the diagnosis/treatment scenario? Here's hoping this is one of our better days,


  • I also have trapped nerve's in my neck but i have had it diagnosed, i have cervical spondolosis among other health problems but i will end it at that because we are wandering away from the original thread. .

  • Yes, but nice to know, not that we have these problems, but that we can share our experiences or pool our ignorance! I will look up your diagnosis and ask my physio for the names of mine on Friday.

  • I don't normally use this group for my health problems i use fibromyalgia and pain,arthritis there is alway's someone on the fibro forum and they are very helpful and friendly. I like this group because it is very friendly and gives great advice, it is also a bit of escapism from my health problems, i usually just read the posts and occasionally comment. .

  • I must admit, this losing weight and these forums have become my retirement hobby. Partly because the ill health has really limited other ones and partly because I love chatting with soul mates. Great to find another one. I'll see you around the various forums. Have a great Saturday.

  • Oh excellent Anna61! Good luck in making that jacket too big! Such a nice comment from your friend <3

  • How lovely Anna61 πŸ˜€ what a lovely friend you've got and you'll soon be giving it back to her πŸ˜‡ onwards and downwards x

  • What a lovely friend and an even lovelier comment 😊😊😊

  • It will good to prove her wrong. You might end up slimmer than her and she will have to give you all her clothes!

  • Oh, I want a friend like that. Do you do loans? I am trying to learn to pass on clothes past their sell by date. But it is so lovely to get back into old favourites. And isn't helped by them coming back into fashion. Need to do a bit of attic shopping soon and maybe, just maybe, accept some of that stock up there is just not my colour/size/shape any more. Or in fact wasn't ever because once we gain weight we have to buy the things we can whereas us new skinnies can wear anything we damn well please!

  • Love this 😊 I'm not quite a 'skinny' yet but getting there 😊

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