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Today was a good day

Today i woke up, and got on the treadmill. I don't know how long i was on it for. I then ate an apple. I got strawberries and something that i am so excited about red peppers. Cant wait to cook them tonight for dinner. Ive just put the chicken out to defrost and then il have a good dinner, the dinner tonight is something I'm looking forward to.

I like writing shopping lists, so i wrote one and was all ready. I went out shopping, i didn't mind if i didn't get everything. I realised half way i had forgotten it at home but still didn't care as i was so optimistic because i was walking to the store. I timed myself on my phone to see how long it would take me to get there. 12 minutes, but i didn't want to stop walking so i took the long way round, I'm so pleased about that. Any excuse to walk, just walk :)

I got to the store and it was shut, something about the staff restocking for tomorrow, I didn't mind one bit. This wasn't even a set back because i went to 2 other stores near by and got to walk some more, do i sound silly ? :)

I got some lovely yummy and healthy goodies. I got 1 lemon a mix of salad, sweet potatoes and 2 cans of tuna :) Then i walked back. I walked for over 22 minutes today, so much walking than yesterday. Im so happy and optimistic. I do think about the time where i won't be so optimistic and positive which is probably going to be when my body goes in to plateaux mode, this is something i am not looking forward to.

I have these days to keep me busy and preoccupied to lose weight that i don't want to think about that time. I hope i am as positive and optimistic on that day as i am today, and have been for the past few days. A positive mind helps so much and a wise person once said its mind over matter that counts. Every one has good days and bad days, I'm proud to say that i can include my self in that group of those cool people :)

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It's great to hear you are feeling good and positive and enjoying walking more. 😊😊😊

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Thank you :)


Hi I am so pleased you had a good day walking is addictive isn't it? I noticed caz28 has replied to you and I have started to do the Leslie Samson 1 mile walk in the morning as she suggested on a recent post and it really wakes you up, if ever you feel you want to walk maybe the weather is bad try it, I think you'd enjoy it. Thanks Caz28 for suggesting it😊👍


Anothet vote for Lesley Sansome from me!! 😕😊😕


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