Low fat or full fat yogurt?

Can I ask which you tend to use please? I'm so confused as the full fat has less sugar but then I'm supposed to watch the fat levels too! I'm trying to eat more natural food cutting down drastically on added sugars. I am tempted to do my own thing and just count calories so my thinking is that full fat yogurt won't do much harm and is much nicer. Sorry if I'm rambling - just trying to find my starting point.

Good luck with all your weight loss efforts today :-)


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19 Replies

  • i go with 0% fage yoghurt and add my own berries.

    I just count calories I don't track my fat and sugar levels too much, i try to increase protein as i find it keeps me fuller though.

  • I also use something called quark Its a soft cheese but has a similar texture to yoghurt and is very low in calories.

  • Hi I saw advertised the other day new yoghurts with zero added sugar so I thought I would try them and I have to say that they were the best low fat yogurts I have tasted. They are very creamy and not at all synthetic tasting as some I have tried. They are from Danone and are called Light and Free. They come in various flavours Raspberry Razzle, Blueberry Burst, Strawberry Sensation, Peach Passionfruit, and Cherry Charmer. They are about 60 calories a pot and no added sugar. They were not for sale in my local supermarket so I did have to have a little hunt for them but have a big supply in my fridge now as they have such a long date on them anyway. I have also had plain yoghurt and added my own fruit as crazykitten is suggesting but the Danone ones are much more convenient. Let me know what you think if you try them :)

  • Hi I have just seen on the website that they are only available in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose. Probably why I have not been able to buy them in my local Sainsburys then! :)

  • Will keep an eye out for these muffintop67 as I've tried Shape yogurts and am not mad in those. Usually have 0% Greek yogurt (add Stevia) and fruit, but for a change, will try your recommendation, thanks. 😄

  • Let me know what you think about them :)

  • Will do. May be a while before I get to the shops as my fridge is full at the mo. 😄😄

    They are on my shopping list.

  • Hi muffintop67

    I finally got round to trying these Danone yogurts, had the cherry charmer and the strawberry sensation. As you say, very creamy, handy and not too bad calorie wise. Shall definitely get them again. 👍

    Thank you for the recommendation, wouldn't have tried them otherwise 😄😄

  • Hi that's great thanks for letting me know. My favourite is the Peach Passion Fruit one. Glad you liked them - always a worry when you recommend something :)

  • I like Skyr yoghurt, rich and creamy -

    High in protein, low in fat and reduced in sugar, Arla® skyr is made from all natural ingredients, making it a great way to give yourself a boost throughout the day.

    I like the strawberry one, but more often than not buy the natural one and add my own choice of fruit to it.

  • Honestly, I use whatever is on offer. I tend to stick with low fat but if its not on offer I get regular. As long as it fits into my calories I still lose weight.

  • I also have to keep to low fat and low sugar (medical reasons), and I stick to 0% fat Greek yogurt and, as others have suggested, add my choice of fruit. I also add a little Stevia purely because I like sweet desserts. And again, like Osiris275 says, as long as it's within calorie allowance, have as much as I want 🍧🍧

    Mouse 🐭

  • thought this article might be helpful


  • Interesting article, unfortunately we can't get Skyr here in Portugal yet, it seems to come out best overall. I will have to stick to the Greek yoghurt, but feel better now knowing that the thick creamy texture doesn't come at the expense of health, and has actually had some of the sugars drained out in the whey.

  • yes, Greek yoghurt seems to be one of the best.

  • I eat the full fat ones but try and keep to less 100 calls . Mostly as they taste good , but also they do keep me full for longer

  • Thanks for all your responses! Caz that was an interesting article. I tried the Skyr stuff but hated that. I do like the Total Greek yogurt and, having read up more this afternoon, will stick with full fat natural yogurt. I don't use it for desserts but for dips and to have with curry and chilli and intend to watch my fat intake elsewhere.

    I think I'm beginning to get a picture of what I might be best doing (for me that is) and that's calorie counting but also restricted good fats and low sugar as sugar does seem to be the main cause of my weight problems as far as I can tell from what I've read. Hope that makes sense!

    I am aiming for a loss of 1lb a week. I'll stick around here because the NHS guidelines seem sensible and you are a very friendly, helpful bunch :-)

  • One yogurt I actually really like it Tesco Everyday Value low fat yogurt! Its only 30p or so for 4 pots are they're actually really tasty!

  • There have been several studies on dairy products and it looks as though full fat may be the healthier option. Not all fats are bad for you!


    The important thing from my point of view is that the yoghurt should contain only milk and live cultures. Some flavoured/low fat varieties contain unhealthy additives, not just added sugar. Some have fructose or artificial sweeteners added which have been linked to weight gain. Natural yoghurt usually contains about 6grm of natural sugar (lactose) but different manufacturing methods can alter this.

    I would say, go with what you prefer, but avoid the ones with additives.

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