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Newbie struggling a bit

Hiya everyone! Great to join the forum and looking forward to meet you.

I was prescribed Orlistat 5 weeks ago, and Ive lost 6 lbs, which is ok but not great, and Im feeling a bit disheartened. I need to lose just under a stone and a half in three months according to the NHS website (5% of my starting body weight), to be prescribed more, so im a bit behind, which is worrying me.

I wonder if im losing quite slowly because im unable to exercise or do much activity, due to fibromyalgia? Its very frustrating!

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Good luck with the orlistat I used the non prescription version for a couple of months for a kickstart and found it helped.

Are you just using the orlistat or are you following a diet too?

I recommend the nhs 12 week plan.

I would also recommend downloading myfitnesspal on your phone, or using the website and try counting everything you eat for a few days to see how many calories you are eating.

You can see how many calories you can have on the NHS website, I myself personally thinks the nhs website gives too high a calorie allowance, but it works for some.

Good luck, the key is to stay positive you are losing weight which is the right direction :)


Heya craxykitten, thanks for your reply. ☺

I had a look at the nhs plan, but all the exercise put me off cos i cant really do it. I will have another look though, maybe at the diet side of it more. I am calorie counting and to be honest i have been going over my allowance frequently, not with junk foods, but just too much normal food cos i get hungry! It didnt seem to matter in the first few weeks of orlistat- i was losing weight whatever i did, but now the weight loss has stopped the last couple weeks. I probably just need to be more careful, and just accept im going to be hungry sometimes! I will be v annoyed at myself if i dont meet the 3 month target.

Ok so i think what ill do is aim for 1800 calories, which hopefully will speed things up. Ive been eating 2000-2500 on average which maybe is too much now. I have been calorie counting just using a notepad but maybe my fitness pal would be better, ill have a look at it. Thank you for the encouragement.


No worries, i found it slowed down too. I don't completely follow the NHS plan, just watch my calories.

calculator.net/calorie-calc... Have a look here and it will tell you how many calories you need based on your exercise level.

Exercise wise, If you cant exercise at the moment I'd try to up your movement as much as you can, go for walks if you can, if not even just doing some arm exercises with some bean cans will burn some extra calories. If not dont worry, you can still lose weight with zero exercise, it will just lower the amount of calories you can have.

If your getting hungry i would suggest upping your protein levels, i find that fills me up, unlike carbs. Or i snack on tomatoes as if there grapes! I also have cans of diet coke in the fridge for a sweet treat!

In the end Its all about finding a diet that suits you as we are all different and what works for one person won't for another.

Good luck you can do it, just stay positive and keep at it :)


Thanks. ☺ The calorie calculator says i need 1800 cals to lose 2lbs a week, which is what i want, cos 1lb a week is so slow it kind of doesnt feel worth the effort! I also find protein really helps fill me up, especially fish and meat, i will try to eat more. A paleo type diet does seem to suit me well, although i eat pulses as well. Im moving house next week and once im settled in i really want to start a yoga routine, as thats something i can do. Thanks again.


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