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Going on holiday! 🍦🍰🍧🍷🍹🙊

I'm off to Lake Garda, Italy with my daughter tomorrow. Really looking forward to it although wish I'd stuck to the diet better 👙🐷. Any tips on how to eat healthy but still indulge a little and still stay on track!!

Ohh and good news, I've been offered a job - travel agent for Thomas Cook, starting August (so need drastic weight loss so I fit the uniform nicely!!!)

All have a good day, x

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Congratulations!!!! there will be no stopping the jet setting with an employee discount to boot.

So jealous Lake Garda for your hols I hope you have a fantastic time.

Only advice I can give is to remember those good choices trying to keep within your calorie range, obviously you may be walking more and you are on holiday so an odd treat now and then is fine, if you are tempted to really overdo it just think of that uniform waiting for you on your return.

Enjoy you holiday looking forward to a stunning view of the lake and a update on your success when you get back. Bev😊😊😊😊

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Enjoy Lake Garda , it's beautiful and you can spend your days exploring the towns around the lake to walk off the calories.

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Congratulations on the job! Sure Lake Garda will be fabulous, just try and use the tools we've gained by being on here on how to make healthy delicious choices and do lots of walking, you will be fine, enjoy! Must remember my own advice tonight, going to a lovely Italian restaurant to celebrate a friends birthday......

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