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End of week 2 in the re-boot challenge

I seem to be a week behind I have just completed week 2 didn't have a very good week lots of things going wrong I did manage to still count calories I think it was only because of the re-boot

Only lost 1lb and half an inch off my waist. just thankful I found this site because with the week I have had I could have eaten everything in site. Looking forward to week 3 feel so much better and positive.Think I may have posted this in the wrong place I find the site confusing with all threads

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HI Holiday100,

Here is the week 2 Reflection post thread, if you want to re-post in there? I know you were looking for the right place:


I'll be able to reply to your post later tomorrow, so will look forward to doing so then. I'm just off to sleep now. :-)

Lowcal :-)


Thanks Lowcal I think I have found the right place now.

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That's sounding quite positive, you have obviously developed good habits that are helping when times are difficult 😊 Good luck for week 3


Hi Anna61 I hope I have developed good habits but I think we all get times when they go out the window I admire people who are dedicated I could never be like that as soon as there is any kind of upset I do battle with myself not to reach for the chocolate at least if we are all trying most of the time we should reach our goal eventually.


But it's not our fault! Apparently our brains still have some ancient evolutionary hangover that makes us crave high calorie, sugary fatty foods when we are emotional, tired, upset or anxious πŸ˜• It doesn't stop the craving but understanding why is helpful 😊


You are not alone and comfort treats are hard to resist but sometimes you can and other times you cannot but the reward of your goal will always be there.


Those awful emotional days test us don't they? You rode the wave well and stuck to your good choices πŸ‘ Hope next week is better and less stressful. 😊 Plus imagine 1lb butter so you've done brill really.


Hi ltsbab thankyou for your comments I didn't stick to good choices I did without a proper meal and ate most off my calories in chocolate and crisps but stayed within my limit. I have to get my head round it as times are always stressful my daughter has ME she has really bad days that upset me.Liked the comment about the butter but I would feel happier if it was a bag off spuds. I hope your diet is going well good luck

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Hi bag of spuds take your pick.

I can sympathise with emotional eating as I had to give my lovely job up 3 years ago as mum has Alzheimer's and dad is impossible to work with, I used to sit in the bathroom and just cry alone seeing my mum disappearing before my eyes, so I ate terribly too much. At Christmas my husband was diagnosed with MS. In the new year I had a breakdown but that bought me to my senses, after sorting my head out in May I braved the scales 17.1, God knows how I got there but now I am focusing on myself too, so far using the 12 week plan I have lost 1st 5lb and going down weekly.

I know it is hard as there is a lot of demand on you but you need good nutrients in your body in order to function so you can help your daughter, chocolate and crisps won't do this.

Just make a small daily change, maybe 1 good healthy meal, pre packed salads/foods if your time is limited, treat yourself at the end of the day to a bag of crisps/chocolate ( in your allowance)

I know that ME like MS can change daily and you never know what tomorrow may bring, you too deserve a little time. I hope you have some support with your daughter if not you must ask relatives etc as I know from past experience some relatives are quite happy for you to take on the majority of work and give nothing themselves.

I have just started the Leslie Samson 1 mile walk every morning before breakfast and find this helps with motivation, suggested by Caz48 so thanks for that.

Good luck, please I know it is difficult but when you have time write down your steps to a new you and start by changing 1 thing, you will soon get into a new way of thinking about foods and exercise.

I hope your daughter has more good days than bad she is really lucky to have such a caring mum, you are doing a brilliant job best wishes BevπŸ’πŸ˜Š


Hi Thankyou for your very nice reply I can very much understand how much emotion you feel about your Mum my own mum had Alzheimer's no one can understand how distressing and frustrating that you can do nothing to help them only practical things and with your other problems I think you have done really well to get yourself organised like you are a walk before breakfast sounds a good idea I do go walking a lot but to do it before you eat must help get your system going.I only help my daughter with washing and ironing she is married with a teenage daughter her husband does cooking and cleaning and shopping as well as working full time.I get upset when she is crying down the phone saying she is in a lot of pain and nothing works for it and when she is upset when she can't do things with her daughter.Most of the time I am ok and I don't let it interfear with my diet.I started to put on weight when my husband died of cancer four years ago I weighed 10st then then gradually got up to 12st since I joined this NHS diet plan I have lost 12lbs last week was just a blip that we all get.

I hope you husband gets on OK and you must take care of yourself I am hear for you if you want to e-mail anytime good luck.

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Aww! Thankyou but I don't go as much now as my dad has extra help but still when you have never witnessed Alzheimer's it is soul distressing to watch. I am so sorry about your husband we lost my sister to breast cancer February 2012 we were all there for her at the end and that too was so awful to see as you will be more aware of because of your husbands battle.

I think to loose 12lbs is brilliant at least you have done something about it quickly I wish I had instead of letting things get out of hand, but that's in the past onwards and downwards for us now.

I really feel for your daughter it doesn't matter how old our children are you would take their pain if you could it's a mother's instinct to make things better. I hope when she is having a good you manage to get out and about ( if you drive) and enjoy quality time together.

Good luck with the weight loss keep us posted and likewise if you ever want to chat just message me we all have our off days don't we?

Sending you a virtual bunch of flowers as a pick upπŸ’πŸ˜Š


Thankyou for your nice reply I know we all have ups and downs in life but it does help to share things with people who understand.

Well as you said onwards and downwards have a good week.xx


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