Walked more than yesterday and i do feel good

Today i walked for more than 5 minutes. Felt really happy that I'm finding the courage to walk out on my own without feeling so skeptical regarding the way i look because you know of all this weight.

Today i ate boiled potatoes and a egg with chicken and felt happy. I wanted to add tuna instead of chicken and this is for lunch but i couldn't find it as it was shop brought in a tin and i couldn't remember where i put it :(. So this will be my lunch and top it with fat free yoghurt, yummy :)

Apart from this, I don't mind saying that I did have a surprisingly satisfying lunch :).

I woke up late and didn't have breakfast, so gutted. i was going to have oatmeal, just cheap oats instead of quaker oats, cooked in semi skimmed milk, flavoured with a bit of honey, a drizzle :) and to top it of with flack seeds, chia seeds etc.

My aim is to wake up early tomorrow and first ting is to have that delicious breakfast I'm planning in my head right now, can't wait :).

Tomorrow I'm going shopping whoop whoop, therefore I can get the main ingredients i need to add to my diet as well as walking so its win win. Even if i don't get anything from the store because its been sold out, i can be happy with the walking iv added on tomorrows day out.

Im now just finding excuses to walk, I'm just so positive about this journey and i know i can do it.

Who feels the same way ?. Please comment below :)

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  • Such a lovely cheerful post 😊 I can feel your positivity 😊 Very pleased for you

  • thank you :)

  • Brilliant i know exactly how you feel, when i go out i feel like shouting look at me i'm outside walking lol, although i must admit i have agoraphobia, i've had it since i was in my teens, keep up the good work you'll get there especially when you start talking to the neighbours when your out walking, it only takes a smile lol most people smile back and others think we're crazy haha they're the sad one's onwards and downwards πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • Cat33

    Hi Rosie I too have agoraphobia although I am much better now and lead a full life it's still hard to step over that doorstep some days So yes that's how I feel look at me I'm out πŸ˜€

    Yes it's sad people who don't respond to a nice smile

    Good luck and all the best 😊

  • Keep up your brave work. Your a brave person Cat33 and let me know how you get on :)

  • You are very brave too Im so glad you are happy going out and blow silly people who stare I'm sure there is nothing to stare at except a happy positive person on their journey to success That's amazing to do a 5K run Im sure everyone on this forum will be backing you and wishing you lots of luck Keep smiling and doing so brilliantly 😊

  • Thank you, I agree with everything you've said. Im very hopeful in everyday. I don't want to get fussy but i also don't want to stay quite as I've never been so pleased especially when going out. i keep thinking people will stare but now I've got it in my head this is my journey and nothing can stop me. I really want t join the 5K run I'm hopeful for that also. Let me know how you get along with your walks :)

  • Oh well done nsidra! I remember how great I felt when I started to walk outside! WTG you! :)

    Keep up the great work, it can only get better! :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Walk for Health and you are on it, walking is my main form of exercise and so enjoyable even in the rain. Do you have a fitness tracker or pedometer even an app on your phone that way you can track steps? as it can become addictive. You can do this nsidra also if you can't get out there are many walk along posts on you tube, I did the walk for a mile one this morning in my bedroom. Good Luck enjoy your day tomorrowπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • thank you. I timed my self on my phone today when i went out for a walk, but i will try that, thats sounds exciting :) and well done to you for that mile.

  • Cat33

    So glad to read how positive you are and that you are walking more Please don't worry about anyone else I'm sure no one is looking at you and your weight If they are then they aren't nice people and not worth the time of day I agree with smiling at people it's amazing what a smile can do as you pass people 😊

    A pedometer is a great idea I have one and they definitely become a bit of an addiction I can't walk at the moment due to illness but when I did I couldn't wait to see how much I had walked when I got in I'm looking forward to getting back to my walks

    It's great you are planning your meals

    I wish you loads of luck on your journey and your positivity has spurred me on 😍

  • Thank you so much for your kind words Cat33 :)

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