Well. I've been recording what I've been eating, I've cut down A LOT on my junk food intake to the point it's once in a blue moon. I rarely eat chocolate bars or crisps anymore and don't drink any pop at all. Have converted to eating a lot more fruit and veg too. Also been walking the dogs a bit more and it seems I'm not losing anything, if anything I am putting on a pound sometimes but. Don't seem to be losing!

So I can't understand what's going wrong thought I'd even lose just a little at a time but I just seem to stay the same.

Dunno if I just need to walk more or what but I'm highly considering joining the gym as much as I hate gyms! So boring but I feel there isn't enough exercise being done maybe?

Just curious, where to start in the gym. It's daunting enough going with lots of people there never mind trying to figure out what to do. I am SO unfit it is unbelievable. I cannot jog to save my life so I'd feel is there any point in going on the treadmill to just power walk?

What sorts of things could I do? In the gym. What machine or what routines? Anything at all to help me? If I join.

Bloody hate the places but think it's going to have to be done ! TIA

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  • Sorry to point out the obvious, but If you hate gyms then it's not for you!! Lol 😊

    If you want to be smaller you need to eat less calories, smaller portions for example. If you are staying the same (and not gaining) you are almost there, just cutting anothet couple of hundred calories a day could do it 😊 You have come such a long way with your eating, don't despair!!

    To improve fitness you need to be slightly out of breath ('still able to talk but not sing' was what I was told!! Lol 😊) find something you enjoy, walking or dancing for example, loads of stuff on YouTube 😊 I've just found Lesley Sansome 'Happy Walking" and can recommend them 😊 And you can do it in the privacy of your sitting room, without all the hassle of getting up and out to the gym!

    Good luck, you're doing really well, almost there!! 😊

  • Exercise must be enjoyable or you won't stick with it long enough to do any good and that expensive gym membership will be a waste. Find something you will enjoy, there is lots out there from energetic Zumba classes to more sedate Yoga. If group classes freak you out look for routines on line that you can do at home. Good luck in finding what is right for you.

  • Hi, I agree with Anna61, if you hate the gym that's not the answer. I too would highly recommend the free walking for health videos by Leslie Sansone, they start at 1 mile (15 minutes) and there are 2 mile and 3 mile ones, just google it. My dogs are elderly now and can't go long walks anymore so I find these videos really good to up my exercise. My other bit of advice would be to check your daily calorie allowance on the BMI calculator

    and keep a diary and weigh and record everything you eat and drink. Lots of people use myfitnesspal but I personally use pen and paper. Good luck!

  • Yeah I think I need to get out more. I've done my calorie calculation and I'm supposed to eat just over 1500 up to 1900 calories per day so I've been trying to stick to 1600 if I can. Because if I'm honest if say I used to eat around 2000+ before I cut everything out and down. I think weekends are my downfalls though and I need to get out a lot more. Just I'm getting all lumpy and bumpy and didn't think walking would help much to rid me of that?

  • Walking is one of the best exercises you can do and the videos are power walking, aerobic exercise, I've lost 3 inches off my waist since doing them. I go out walking as well, can't beat fresh air! I found I have to stick to the lower end of my calorie allowance to lose 1lb a week, but everyone is different, it's trial and error to see what works for you.

  • Some gyms do classes and they are great fun. I go to a Pilates class and love it.

    There are also other pieces of equipment to try out: bikes, cross-trainers (like skiing), rowing machines. And then there is the weights section. Believe it or not, weight lifting really helps with weight loss as muscles require more calories and tone up the body beautifully. You don't need to do a huge amount either, just ask the staff for a programme and they will be able to advise you.

  • If you don't want to go to the gym, don't. Walking alone can definitely lose weight. Its all I have done and lost 6 stone.

    Are you weighing absolutely everything you eat? You might be eating a bit more than you realise if not, which will mean the walking isn't helping you lose.

  • I don't wanna go to the gym no I find it boring and repetitive, however I feel like I need to. I don't weigh any of my food. I've just been keeping within a calorie limit

  • You may be underestimating your calories if you are not weighing and measuring, it's very easy to get portion sizes wrong.

  • I have been checking how much of packets and things I have been eating and calculating the calories for the amount I've ate

  • Packets can be very inaccurate. I would guess that is why you're not losing weight. Sorry.

  • So how will I ever know how many calories are in my food if the packers aren't right...

  • Weigh it! That is the only way! You can get a food scale for less than Β£10.

    What you shpukd do is pour out your normal portions of everything. Then weigh them afterwards and see how it compares to a portion.

    If you're anything like I was, you will be surprised!

    Even a box of medium eggs, there can be quite a difference in the weight of individual eggs. Or individual slices of bread. And yes its a pain to do it but it certainly works for keeping your calories in check.

  • ok, well hope you find something that works for you, good luck

  • I hate gyms but when I started it I went to Curves (women only). There might be one near to you. That closed and I didn't know what to do but I was lucky I found one based at a local college which is not full of grunting males. I only use the treadmil, have used machines there in the past and will start again in the near future. Have a look around and hopefully you will find one like mine with lovely staff and friendly customers.

  • You know those pre portioned cereal packs? I was given a bunch of out of date ones from the hotel where I work so I have been eating them for breakfast. 35g boxes. I weighed one today and it was 39g. Now 4g might not seem like a lot. But there's 16 calories of a difference in that 4g of coco pops. Say I did that everyday this week, that would be potentially over 100 extra calories I didn't know I had consumed.

    Now multiply that by every meal, or even every item I have on my lunch or dinner plate and that few grams would end up adding a lot of extra calories over a week!

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