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Just me? No sugar = No cravings...


For over two weeks now I've not had any sugar (the processed sort - not what's found in fruit, milk etc) and I've not had any sort of craving for sweet stuff although yesterday I did fantasise about custard made with skimmed milk and poached pears. Has anyone else found that cutting out sugar cuts down on the munchies? Maybe it's not being 'sugar free' but down to the amount of water I'm quaffing but either way no munchies.

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I cut down my sugar. I tried going sugar free but it just made me binge. So having smaller amounts of sugar works for me :)

Everyone is different though and I'm really glad that its working for you!


Yes, I feel the same 😊 I did it gradually, reduced sweet treats, then cut out Diet Coke, and now find my taste buds changed and fruit etc tastes sooo yummy 😊😊😊 I can pass on sweet stuff so easily now 😊 Still have the odd craving when I'm tired, upset or anxious, but knowing the reason behind the craving helps 😊 Very well done Hidden 😊🎉😊

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IndigoBlue61 You just reminded me I've also stopped drinking diet cola (generic type) wonder if this has also helped?

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Hidden

I'm convinced if it! I read somewhere if you drink diet drinks, your brain tells your body to expect sugar, and when it doesn't, the cravings start. Not sure how accurate this is but I'm certainly finding things easier. 😊

Carol04 in reply to IndigoBlue61

Yes this is true I think....its the gut brain connection. Saw a telly program about it. If the gut thinks you've had sugar then finds none there it sends a message to your brain...cravings start and you go find sugary food, I have tried to cut out all sweetener from my diet so my gut knows what I'm eating is real and I also try to eat fresh cooked food and no processed stuff.

Itsbab4 stone

Hi Jenyfer I too think that it is the water that is stopping me from feeling like I want to snack. I never used to get a glass during the day. I have also noticed how I have cut down on tea/coffee because of this, so even less calories!

radioactiveblue100 pounds

Yes, me too. The longer you stay away from sugar, the less of a hold it has over you.

yes me too, I'd rather have fruit and yoghurt now rather than cake!

I agree, going cold turkey on refined sugar is hard for a few days, but oh so worth it. Not only do you not crave sweet stuff after a while, your tastebuds seem to re-set to the lower levels and healthy food tastes amazing again.

Definitely! I cut out processed sugar last year and it has really helped with the munchies a lot!

I try to avoid sugar aswell. I have hypoglycemia so sugar can give me blood sugar crashes which makes me hungry. Even if you dont have hypoglycemia though, sugar can mess about with your energy levels, giving you cravings and false hunger. I find i can eat fruit as long as its berries which are low sugar fruits, or if its a higher sugar fruit i eat it with some protein and fat, then im ok. ☺

Fran182716Restart August 2020 in reply to albinohedgehog

Me too albinohedgehog, I cut refined sugars and junk food a little over a year ago and my blood sugars have been so much more stable, the only bad hypo Ive had this year was on holiday when I ate an ice cream then went too long before evening meal. I still have quite a lot of fruit but like you if it's not berries I eat it with protien/ fat (eg peaches and cream cheese, banana with almond butter) and have no bad effects.

Jenyfer, it's great that you've lost your sugar cravings as a lot of us have, and you'll find now that healthy food tastes so much more delicious now you can appreciate the subtle tastes better!☀️

I've never taken sugar in coffee etc. or drink sugary drinks but when I started out the first thing I did was cut out the odd biscuit, cake, sweets etc. and I found that instantly I was not hungry at certain points in the day and that I was fuller for much longer after meals.

I've never had much affinity for sweets, processed or otherwise. Turns out, my GP prescribed me to eat more sweet products and here I read so many people suffering from a sweet tooth. What a weird world it is.

BarneRestart Sept 2019

Hi Jenyfer, I have cut right back on sweet stuff; and I have a real sweet tooth. I still eat fruit, mainly berries and pineapple. It was difficult at first, but I have found alternatives - a few nuts with yogurt, sounds odd I know, I am into week four. I had a couple of chocolates this week, and couldn't believe how odd they tasted!! It seem like a treat, very unusual for me! I am definitely going to try very hard to avoid sugar! :)

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Hi Barne must admit I'm finding not having sugar really easy although like you I do eat fruit - always berries with my muesli or porridge then something seasonal with my sugar free raspberry jelly and fromage blanc (nectarines at the moment). This last combo which I have everyday always feel like a treat even though it is only 100 calories. I had one scoop of caramel ice cream as part of my birthday dinner but must admit I enjoyed my goat's cheese much better. Apart from the ice cream I've not had any sugar now for about two months and I've been surprised at how easy it has been to keep it out of my diet.

BarneRestart Sept 2019

Hi Jenyfer, sorry for the delay.

I like the sound of your fruit combo! :)

I have to admit, I sometimes look for a wee sugar rush, late in the evening! I am managing to stick with berries and yogurt - with a few nuts thrown in sometimes!

My mantra is 'you can do this' - that's what I say to friends when they are finding things tough :) .

Good luck, and remember 'we can do this' :)


I'm planning to try this starting tomorrow. I've managed to cut out sugary junk before and found that I ate so much better, no cravings etc. I guess it's possibly because it makes your insulin / blood sugar more stable?


Sounds like a really positive thing to do. It's difficult to think of any sugary food that is of any benefit to the body I wonder why we get so hooked on it?

Ive tried cutting out sugar completely but find it really hard.....I limit my consumption to a sensible amount now and this seem to work well for me xx

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