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I agree.I am confused as to where to start.I know there is a lot of help out there but I am not very good at accessing apps etc.Could someone please tell me if there is a simple app.that I can get on my iPad that will help me calculate calories and add them up for the day.I have been checking and recording manually and I know I won't keep this up.I have lost two stone but really need to keep it going now as I have a lot more to go.Also any tips for good recipes so it doesn't get boring?

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Hi Marya61,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NhS forum. I think the Myfitnesspal app is quite good for helping to keep track of calories and food and drink intake, plus exercise. Maybe have a look and see what you think?

Congratulations on losing 2 stone already, that is fantastic!

We have a Recipe Collation post that has been built up from recipes contributed by members here, and here is a link:


If you look to the right-hand-side of the homepage you'll see a collection of Pinned posts, and I'd recommend reading our Welcome Newbie post, as that also shows the things that people have found helpful in the forum.

The Monday group weigh-in is also going on currently, so do join us if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in.

Hope you find your way around the forum ok, and if you have any problems, just reply and let me know - and I'll try and help you out if I can.

Lowcal :-)


What if your mental health and therapist does not allow you to know what the scale reads we just go by the way my clothes fit for now!

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Hi Chubbo,

I would say go with what your mental health and therapist suggests, because they are working with you on things, and their advice would be appropriate as they know you well, and can best advise you?

You can tell quite a bit from how your clothes fit, it's a good measure to use.

Hope your week is going ok so far.

Lowcal :-)


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