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reporting in after a week of absence

hello my lovely friends,

well ive not been on much as ive been simply exhausted with work and my damn thyroid. but here i am and happy to let you know how im doing.

it was one of my kids birthdays on the 5th and i made a really nice and sugary and buttery birthday cake. which i couldnt help but gannet down. oddly enough i got the ragiing tummy aches and bum vomit. (sorry for the tmi) i think im starting to retrain my body to not accept fatty sweet things. and even though i inhaled far more of it than i really wanted to i didnt even enjoy it as much as i should've.

hubby is desperate to buy me a fit bit. mainly so i can do the 10k steps thing (im so competitive, even with myself) and also to keep an eye on my tachycardia and stuff. i might let him. i do like a gadget. although id prefer shoes.

its our naughty weekend in london fri-sun. im not going to be too restrictive as this is a real treat for us. but at the same time i intend to do a feckload of walking and dancing so any foody stuff should be burnt off. might even see a loss again next monday. in fact im going to put a target down for next monday. today im 17.11 by next monday i want to be 17.9.

anyway, 3 nightshifts again this week. ive got my fruit and zero calorie fizzy juice bought in. so i expect to do good with that. onwards guys.... lets do this thing. **raises hand for a high 5


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Hello, sorry to read about your top and bottom explosions hope you are well now. Have a great time in London. I got a Garmin and although I cant do 10k a day it is a good helper. Have a good week ahead. :-)

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thanks Marianne0915 my bum is back to normal now thank goodness. i was a bit worried for the health and safety of people around me. my fitbit is being delivered tomorrow. i do love a challenge!

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