I'm new here and always hungry - is constant hunger even possible?

I am 47 and enjoy a job in a contact centre. I walk and swim every day that I can manage.

I am morbidly obese and want to get back to being slim which I am finding incredibly challenging. I have lost approx 2.5 stone this year since the 1st Jan but now the weight loss has slowed and I haven't lost any weight since May.

As I say I feel hungry a lot of the time mainly when I am not at work. I can be very good at work. I don't know what to do about the hunger. I would also like to meet someone special and feel that losing weight would help.


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  • yes its possible but there is usually a reason unless you are bored amd mindlessly eating--I HAVE to eat every 2 and a half to 3 hours--or I get really out of it--I get this horrible gnawing that wont go away till I eat==for those reasons I am looking into blood sugar problems or an ulcer MmeT

  • What time of day do you usually get hungry when not at work? Please check out the leaflets that are free on drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets and click on a healthy diet and diabetes. You can also click on the exercise and diabetes leaflet. Both can be read or listened to on the website for the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. I hope this helps.

  • You don't say what eating plan you are following, or how much you are eating. The NHS site allows you to check your BMR, and suggests how many calories you should eat and still lose weight, often more than you'd expect 😊

    I have a very healthy appetite, and hunger can be an issue, but I have learnt that eating low GI foods keep me fuller for longer, 😊

    Soups are also useful for filling you up, and adding lots of vegetables to stews, pasta dishes etc

    Hope this helps! You are doing very well, that's a considerable weight loss already! Well done 😊

  • I agree - I have over 8 stones to lose and my daily calories suggested are between 1700ish and 2200 - so check yours - you may be able to eat quite a lot more of the right things and still lose weight

  • Thanks I have to say I propably eat within that and I exercise and I am still not losing weight. It is quite weird because I eat healthily have started eating more protein to stop me feeling hungry and really as I say I am not losing the weight I don't know what else to do.

  • I am really having a loose go at the Hay Diet.

  • What's the Hay Diet?

  • If you're constantly hungry you may be eating too much sugar/carbohydrates. Try tracking what you eat and maybe go for more protein or even fat-based meals. It could also be boredom or habit, in which case you need to distract yourself when the hunger kicks in. Maybe go for a walk. Just a few ideas!

  • You are probably hungry for some excitement in your life! Eating food just doesn't always fill that need...? Have you looked into new hobbies you could get busy with - join the Ramblers for exercise and a social event at the same time perhaps? Look into evening classes for next Autumn. Take up Bird-Watching, Photography, Painting...anything to keep your mind focussed and yourself away from the kitchen...

    Meeting new friends will naturally follow on from any of these activities, and the weight loss will become easier when you are too busy to nibble between meals!

  • hi Saffron_C and congrats on the weight loss and exercise plan! I have the same problem, I can be good at work but eat like a horse when I get home. I have found that if I actually eat more at work, I eat less at home. I was eating only celery and carrots at work then eating too much when I got home for dinner. when I eat a well balanced lunch at work, I am not starving when I get home and don't eat as much. also, I munch on carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc when I am starving and that staves the hunger. my hunger is mostly habit I think, I am used to coming home and eating whatever I wanted and now I am trying to eat healthier, it is difficult. I have been here about 6 weeks and lost 16 pounds. I know it is slow but it is staying off too. I also found that the slower I eat, the fuller I stay for longer. and also eat lots of fiber. it helps you be full longer. good luck and keep posting!

  • If I am very hungry, and we all get days like that, I add extra courses to dinner. So a homemade vege soup. I have big bowls and may have more than one! Then my usual planned dinner. I follow it with a pudding of fruit and 0% fat yogurt. If I spread my eating out over the evening, then I find I can get to the end of the day without smashing through my diet plans. I do have tricks like small plates and eating very slowly, perhaps with a small spoon. I have sometimes eaten a whole can of fruit salad in juice, with the juice drained and thrown away, with a cocktail stick, one piece at a time. That feels like loads. Another favourite of mine is to have a packet of 6 melba toasts. I take the time to top them with yogurt or quark and some nicely arranged salad or fruit topping it, depending if the urge is for savoury or sweet. Somehow having the equivalent of 6 small hors d'oeuvre or 6 small cheese cakes, or even 3 of one and 3 of the other makes me feel very indulged. Saved me many a day for around the kcal of a pkt of crisps. And I still have the crunch of the toasts!

    So what I am saying is you can eat more, but to lose weight, it is worth planning what extras you eat and not having cupboards full of temptations you shouldn't be having. Good luck for that next weigh in.

  • Thanks that's helpful

  • It sounds like you are starving yourself if you feel hungry. Also your body retains the fat if you are not eating well. Just eat a healthy meal and cut down your portion sizes bit by bit. Protein fills you up for longer, so eat more eggs lean meats, fish etc. Make changes to what you are eating, like eating more crispbreads than bread, oven baked crisps instead of ordinary crisps. Also get fitter for yourself, not for a potential partner. You are doing really well to have lost 2.5 stone so don't feel bad. You only feel hungry when you are at home because you are thinking more about food. Distract yourself by going for a walk or whatever you fancy doing and try to set your meals at certain times of the day. Good luck and I wish you well.

  • Thank you.

  • Just to let you know I am also a vegetarian but the replies have been helpful.

  • Have you counted carbs. at each meal?

  • I haven't, I have to admit I don't eat that many carbs although I love them. Today is an exception and I have eaten potato waffles.

  • Potato has lots of carbs., but it depends on the size and type of potato you're eating. Sweet potato is less carbs. than white potatoes. But, again size has something to do with it.

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