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I'm a 66 year old new boy

Now is the time to do something.

I was a soldier for nearly 30 years, I played rugby, squash and golf, and now I can hardly walk.

I am classed as obese, so I need to loose at least 3 stone. I think that I haven't done enough to help myself. I've done virtually no exercise for over a year, mainly due to feeling sorry for myself.

I'd like to go swimming, but I'm embarrassed about my body. I've thought about joining a slimming club, but again I feel embarrassed.

I'm 66 and the clocks ticking. I must loose weight and get fit.

I need as much help, advise, motivation, tips etc, as there is out there

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Hi Dave, welcome, I've found the forum useful - loads of real support. Have you signed up for the NHS 12 week plan, I've found it really motivating and simple to follow. Filling out the weekly plan and planning is walks, swims and some gym time has helped me. In the past I've done weight loss clubs and found people friendly and supportive so would recommend joining one. Hope it all goes well and good luck.

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where is it?/ I have no printer that works--MmeT



You have made the first, most difficult, step 😊

My advice would be find a way of eating that suits you, with enough to eat. (You can check your BMR in the NHS site which will suggest a calorie range)

Also, if you have been fit you will soon feel your fitness improve with a little exercise 😊

Very best wishes


Well done on doing the first step, posting on here.

Please do not be embarrassed about doing anything you want to do.

My husband is the same age as you and was also a soldier. He also has a weight problem but he makes himself go out for a jog and he use to go to slimmers world. He use to say the same things you have said, but once he took the plunge he got over his embarrassment . In fact he use to get very competitive when he went for his weigh ins.

As for swimming it's a good exercise to start. What about short walks to start off with.

Small steps will build up your confidence.


The pool that I use has a late night until 10pm and no kids allowed. It is very quiet and it is full of people who are similar in shape to me. Maybe your pool has this too? Don't t ever be embarrassed about taking care of yourself. Xx

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Go swimming! Everyone is far too concerned about how they look to care about how you look :) You only need to brave the walk from the changing area to the pool, then nobody can really see you anyway.

If you go to a swimfit session, adult swim, or early morning lane swimming at your local pool, you'll probably find most other people have a few stone to lose.

Have a look at swimfit for some suggestions on how to swim yourself to fitness: swimfit.com

Good luck!


Hi, you've come to the right place, loads of help and advice on here. Build up slowly on the exercise to avoid any injuries. When I started I could barely do a 15 minute (1 mile) walk for fitness routine, I can now do a 45 minute (3 mile ) one! I have just completed the 12 week plan, weigh day tomorrow! and lost an average of 1lb a week so am now nearly a stone lighter. Good luck, you can do it!


join the club Dave--I have a heated pool down the hall tho but been sick so haven't been goin--I need to start dieting--we are in the danger zone--id say--MmeT


You are certainly not alone and we are never too old to get healthier . I'm 64 and was overweight for many years, did not exercise, ate and drank too much of the wrong things, drove everywhere and was lazy.

Like you I had a lightbulb moment, that was two years ago , I started to follow healthy eating advice on here, planned meals and calorie counted everything on the myfitnesspal app. My exercise was really just walking more, try walking to places within 30 minutes rather than drive ( or longer walks for pleasure at weekends ) . I cut right down on alcohol but didnt ban it, just smaller amounts a couple times a week.

Today I have a BMI 22.5 and a total 32 pounds lost, which I have now kept off for over a year, despite several holidays, xmas etc.

The people on this site all started in a similar place to you, and although you may have ups snd downs, you will find lots and lots of support. Good luck.


Hi Davebutters! it sounds like you are a great person and should not ever be ashamed of yourself! who cares who is looking, all that matters is that you are trying to improve yourself. sounds like you are like me and just need a boost of self confidence. I did not exercise much til I lost that first 10 pounds and then my self confidence roared! now I am not afraid of looking bad in front of other people and again, who cares who's looking! I am doing this for myself and if they don't want to look at me.. then don't. I am 49 and at the age where I feel good about myself even if I am obese. I have had a great life and lots of fun to get where I am today and plan to have a great life from here on out as well. but I have to get healthy now as I am no spring chicken and I am having a pretty good time at that too. I do not get as much exercise as I need, I have bad knees and an arthritic ankle so walking is hard for me too. but I take myself swimming and enjoy every minute of it and I think you will too.


Don't feel embarassed about doing anything. Sure, you might get people who snigger about your weight, but does it matter? They are people who don't know you, who will never be your friends and you will probably not meet again. As I said to my husband who used to make remarks about people who were obese, How are the obese people going to get fitter if they don't exercise. He said he had never thought about that before. If you still feel you don't want to face the world, then why not exercise at home. If you like tv, then wait for the ads to come on and get up and move. It doesn't matter what you do, just do it and don't stop until your programme is back on. Also switch on some lively music and dance. If you think you're obese now, just think what you'll be like in a year or two if you keep making excuses not to change.


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