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Added walking to my journey of healthy life and staying fit and of course losing that weight

Today i took advantage of my aunties weight scale and weighed myself. Found out I'm between 90-95 kg. Been on my walk today, sadly i couldn't do a 20 minute walk ended up walking for 5 minutes. so now I'm going to plan where i can walk to and go, soon hopefully i can do running and and then run a 5k marathon, counting my lucky stars if i have any :).

Asked my cousin if he waned to come on a walk with me so i can have some motivation but he refused, so i thought i will go myself, this is my journey after all :)

Today my sister was saying don't go , don't go but i did. Very proud of myself, i went after being told numerous times not to. So I'm motivating myself, my goal, for and healthy. I want to get in to walking so i can join the 5k run and I'm enjoying this. I have a positive mind, and its mind over matter as someone very wise has said so I'm following their advice. Tomorrow I'm going to try and go on a walk that is going to be more than 5 minutes :)

In the mean time i will try and go on our treadmill that we have. The only reason why i haven't been on it for so long is because it is so unconventional, meaning i have to make it move, its not those lovely automatic ones you get at the gym but i hope in this journey I've set myself it will help me a lot, may even be that support system i need to shed these pounds, that i really don't want and who knows i will look forward to running on it a lot.

Im the kind of person that i push my self. When i was at school i was so over weight a size 18, but i ran on it, made it move myself and 3 times a day would run on it 1000 times so thats, 3x1000 a day, 3 times a day. My diet was just tomato and lettuce but i don't have a family thats very supportive. No one needs that, so i am and my future for a leaner, healthier fit life.

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HI nsidra,

I hope you enjoy your walking - it's really great exercise. Here's to your future, and a leaner, healthier fit life. You're starting your journey, and I hope you'll find lots of support and encouragement here in this community.

Lowcal :-)

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Well done on the walking 😊 I love walking, it's my main form of exercise 😊 If you have access to the internet I was recently introduced to the Lesley Sansome walking videos on you tube, one mile in about 15 minutes 😊 I highly recommend them

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Thank you so much. Yeah i did walking today, i felt different. i know I've started out the walking properly as to just hurrying but i can feel that bit by bit il be feeling the positive changes. I walking for 5 minutes but tomorrow is a new day so i want to walk for up to 20 minutes. that will help me a lot. I will check out those videos for sure, than you again so much. I'm already finding this place so easy and motivating with so much positivity, i just wish i could get the same here :( but i feel lucky that i have found all of you guys and we can be positive for each other in every ones weight loss, this long journey :)

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