Junk Food Devil was at Air Show..... Disaster !!!!!!

Don't worry it was me not the aeroplanes.

I knew it was going to be hard a day out with all those junk food vendor's trying their hardest to lure me in, WELL THEY WON, I consumed doughnuts, chips,icecream err probably more can't remember now ( honest )

Yep a complete slam dunk to the junk food devil. (Dam it was all sooo good)

Today is another day there was a time that he won more regular than I care to mention, but today I am actually looking forward to fixing it and eating some good healthy food to repair the damage.

As some of you will know I often have a tussle with my junk food devil and as long as I get the upper hand on most occasions I still seam to lose a little bit of weight each week.

So here goes today is my day to win. Fruit and yogurt for breakfast yum.

Good luck all



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4 Replies

  • Hi Nanmar,

    Your breakfast sounds great! Hope the remainder of the day goes well too. You can put what happened at the Air-show behind you!

    Lowcal :-)

  • The junk food devil is banished 👿 and the Good Food Angel 👼wins today. Hope you have a brilliant healthy Sunday.

  • Thanks itsbab

    I like the Good food Angel idea now I have the Angel on my side I may winthe battle more often!

  • The Good Food Angel always wins because with you there are two but the Junk Food Devil is on his own. No contest 👼🏃

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