Trying to lose those annoying inches all over for the better and for the long term

Im trying to lose those annoying inches on my body that i have, already eating healthy and exercising but sadly its not enough. Eating healthy e.g boiling chicken as to baking it or steaming it. No seasoning added apart from black pepper. Hate sweet potato so sticking with the regular kind. Need help from NHS to help me or anywhere from NHS to help me with weight loss. As of tomorrow going to start walking as the only gym close to my home or anywhere else in the city Is expensive. But still need that advise or guidance that would help me for the long term and the better.

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  • Hi Nsidra,

    Welcome to Weight Loss NHS forum. I would suggest having a look at our Welcome Newbie post, as a good starting point - you can find it in the Pinned posts area (top right-hand-side of the homepage) - it's collated by moreless and it's really good. If you look at the NHS 12 week plan, that is a great structure and you can follow it week by week - many of us have followed that plan, and find it helpful and supportive.

    We have a weekly weigh-in group - which you are very welcome to join - it's called the Monday group weigh-in, and the next session will be posted just before 6.30am on Monday - you can always find the latest link in the Events section (below the Pinned posts).

    Wishing you a really good week ahead. Good luck with your goals, and it's great that you're planning on doing some walking - that's really great exercise.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, so much :)

  • Hello nsidra

    It sounds as if you are already doing lots of things towards a healthier fitter lifestyle 😊 Perhaps the next step is just reducing portion size slightly? It is amazing how much difference reducing calorie intake by a couple of hundred together with increasing exercise (with your planned walking) will make 😊 Don't despair! You are well on the way to the inch losses you want 😊

  • Have you tried butternut squash as an alternative to potatoes? Don't t attempt to cut one raw as you will lose fingers. Pop it whole in the oven for about an hour and then it cuts easily. I like it scooped out and it is really creamy. Make sure you put it on a tray or you will spend the evening cleaning your oven. That s the bitter voice of experience speaking!! Xx

  • This sounds good is butternut squash a lot better calorie wise to potato? I've only made soup once so not sure what to do with it. Thank you

  • Thank you, Il try that. I hope it tastes nice. I hate sweet potatoes, i just don't understand why they are so sweet. I like regular potatoes so i hope thats not causing a problem for me losing those pounds that i despise. Thank you for the advice. Im going grocery shopping tomorrow , need red and yellow peppers so il get that and I've heard swede is also best so il try that. I saw steaming swede and using it as topping for shepherds pie on cook yourself thin. I will try the butter nut squash, again thank you :)

  • Hi nsidra,

    What helped me lose inches was cutting down in carbs.ive been doing well until today but I have noticed list inches around waist.good luck.

  • Thank you gman1961

  • Thankyou

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