Neighbours came to give us two portions of chips from the takeaway as their order had been doubled. Managed to have the willpower to only eat 5 to have a taste and then no more.

Really surprised as normally would have just ate them but was still full from lasagna and strawberries and jelly and have had my calorie allowance anyway (not including exercise ones but trying not to use too many of them). My dad ate the rest!

In other news apprently walked 5.26 miles today or 11148 steps woo! I have noticed since eating much healthier this week that I have more energy and my face looks much clearer and now spot free! Woooo :-). Another benefit is Operation stop dog eating my shoes has also been successful as she is now fast asleep!

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4 Replies

  • Hi Aurashadows. Well done for steering clear of those chips. That must have been tough. Great amount of steps today and fab that you have noticed you have more energy. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  • That is the cutest little puppy! Thank you for posting the pic.

    Well done on the chip avoidance, I am impressed!

    The other day I was pleased to have resisted a load of free raspberry jam doughnuts in the staff room but then yesterday I fell short of will power when faced with a tin of quality street. Pride comes before a fall (in my case not yours I hasten to add!).

    Have a good weekend! 🌸

  • Your dog is achingly cute! And well done on your willpower.

    Its amazing how even if we do have something bad, but stop at a few bites it really does wonders for our confidence.

    Go you!

  • Hi AuraShadows,

    Well done on resisting the chips! Your dog looks really cute!

    Lowcal :-)

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